Events noted in 1605

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1600 1610


Publication: “Exemption of the regular Orders,” by Alderete, Joseph And Bernard two brothers

Publication: “Discorsi delle famiglie Paladina et PAntoglietta,” by Ammirato, Scipio historian

Publication: “Introductio ad artem Dialecticam,” by Argall, John writer

Died: Bailli, Roche De known also by the name of La Riviere

Died: Baius, Michael was born at Melun

Born: Bausch, John Laurence was born at Schweinfurt

Died: Belloi, Peter advocate general of the parliament of Toulouse

Publication: “Historia Luxemburgensis, seu Commentarius quo ducum Luxemburgensium ortus, progressus ac res gestæ accurate describuntur,” by Bertel, John in Latin Bertelius

Died: Beza, Theodore one of the chief promoters of the Reformation

Publication: “Traite sommaire de Pelection des papes,” by Bignon, Jerome writer

Publication: “S. Bonifacii Opera, a Nicolao Serrario,” by Boniface, St. saint

Born: Bosquet, Francis bishop

Publication: “Consilia medica,” by Bottoni, Albertino physician

Publication: “La Croce Racquistata,” by Bracciolini, Francis poet (15661645)

Publication: “English Puritanism, containing the main opinions of the rigidestsort of those that went by that name in the realm of England,” by Bradshaw, William divine

Publication: “Les Pastes de Paris,” by Breulius, James antiquary

Born: Browne, Sir Thomas antiquary

Publication: “An Eclog treating of crownes, and of garlandes, and to whom of right they appertaine. Addressed and consecrated to the king’s majestie,” by Buc, George antiquary

Born: Bullialdus, Ismael astronomer

Publication: “Opus Chronologicum” by Calvisius, Sethus a learned German chronologist

Publication: “Remaines of a greater work concerning Britain, the inhabitants thereof, their language, names, surnames, empresses, wise speeches, poesies, and epitaphs,” by Camden, William one of the most eminent English antiquaries

Publication: “La Ninnetta,” by Caporali, Caesar poet

Born: Cawton, Thomas clergyman

Publication: “Gryphus de Ternario numero.” by Chesne, Andrew Du historian

Born: Combefis, Francis Dominican

Died: Constantin, Robert doctor of physic

Publication: “A way of reconciliation of a good and learned man, touching the true nature and substance of the body and blood of Christ in the Sacrament.” by Cooke, Elizabeth third daughter of sir Anthony Cooke

Born: Coulon, Lewis historian

Publication: “The Interpreter,” by Cowell, Dr. John a learned and eminent civilian

Publication: “The Queen’s Arcadia,” by Daniel, Samuel historian

Born: Davenant, Sir William poet

Born: Denton, William the youngest son of sir T

Born: Dugard, William an eminent school-master and learned man

Born: Dugdale, Sir William antiquary

Publication: “Exoticorum Libri decem,” by Ecluse, Charles in Latin Clusius

Publication: “Uroscopia, seu de Urinis Tractatus,” by Fabricius, James physician

Born: Ford, Sir John an ingenious gentleman of the seventeenth century

Publication: “De re monetaria veterum Romanorum, &c.” by Freher, Marquard a German

Born: Galeano, Joseph physician

Died: Gallonius, Anthony a native of Rome

Publication: “Ccelestium corporum et rerum ab ipsis pendentium Explicatio,” by Gallucci, John Paul astronomer

Born: Gauden, John prelate

Publication: “Genealogia serenissimorum Bojariae ducum, etquorundam genuinas effigies a Wolfgango Kiliano seri eleganter incisae,” by Gewold, Christopher historian

Born: Godeau, Anthony bishop

Publication: “Scriptores aliquot rerum Suevlearum,” by Goldast, Melchior Haiminsfeld writer

Born: Gouge, Thomas was born at Bow

Born: Haak, Theodore who is said to have first suggested the weekly meetings of the royal society

Born: Hammond, Dr. Henry divine

Publication: “Catalogus Librorum in Bibliotheca Bodleiana,” by James, Thomas critic

Publication: “Pastorals” by Jungerman, Godfrey a native of Leipsic

Publication: “Account of a new Star in Sagittarius,” by Kepler, John astronomer (?–1630)

Born: Killigrew, William descended from this family

Born: Lacarry, Giles Jesuit

Publication: “Disputationum Medicinalium,” by Lid Del, Duncan professor of mathematics

Publication: “Nonni Dionysiaca,” by Lubin, Eilhard one of the most learned protestants of his time

Publication: “Apologeticus quo Alb. Graw. calumniis respondetur, &c.” by Lubin, Eilhard one of the most learned protestants of his time

Publication: “Tractatus de variis annorum formis,” by Lydiat, Thomas scholar

Publication: “Angels and Demons” by Maldonat, John Jesuit

Publication: “Novum Testamentum,” by Marlorat, Augustine divine

Publication: “Cosmographiae generalis libri tres. Item geographies particularis libri quatuor, quibus Europa in genere, speciatim Hispania, Galiia, Italia describuntur, cum tabuiis geographicis,” by Merula, Paul a very learned Hollander

Publication: “Conimentarii in triginta priores Psalmos,” by Montanus, Benedict Arias a very learned Spaniard

Publication: “Apologia Catholica,” by Morton, Thomas bishop

Publication: “An exact Discovery of Romish Doctrine in the case of Conspiracy and Rebellion or Romish Positions and Practices,” by Morton, Thomas bishop

Publication: “De usu fructuque Bibliothecae Ambrosianae,” by Puteanus, Erycius in Flemish Vander Putten

Born: Randolph, Thomas poet

Publication: “Parva logica,” by Resenjus, John Paul divine

Publication: “Comparatio veteris Medictate cum nova, Hippocraticae in Hermetica, Dogrnaticae cum Spargyrica,” by Riolan, John was born at Paris in the year 1577

Born: Ryer, Peter historiographer to the king

Died: Stow, John antiquary

Born: Tavernier, John Baptist a Frenchman

Publication: “Grammatici veteres,” by Terentianus, Maurus poet

Died: Van Mander, Charles artist

Publication: “Lives of the Painters.” by Van Mander, Charles artist

Born: Vavassor, Francis, Jesuit

Died: Vaugelas, Claude Favre De writer

Publication: “Restitution of decayed Antiquities,” by Verstegan, Richard antiquary

Born: Whitelocke, Bulstrode by Elizabeth his wife

Publication: “An answer to a popish pamphlet, &c. entitled ‘Certain Articles,’ &c.” by Wotton, Anthony ranked by Fuller among the learned writers of JCing’s-college (15611626)


Publication: “Defence of the reformed Catholic of Mr. W. Perkins, against the bastard counter-Catholic of Dr. William Bishop, seminary priest,” by Abbot, Robert archbishop

Publication: “Psalms and Canticles,” by Agelius, Anthony a native of Sorrento

Publication: “Origen de la lengua Castellana,” by Alderete, Joseph And Bernard two brothers

Died: Amboise, James D' a brother of the preceding Francis and Adrian

Born: Amelotte, Denis writer

Publication: “Some sermons.” by Anastasius called the Sinaite

Died: Barclay, William a learned and eminent Civilian

Died: Barclay, John was born at Pontamousson

Publication: “The Gun-powder Treason, with a discourse of the manner of its discovery, &c.” by Barlow, Thomas bishop

Publication: “Parsenesis ad RempublicamVenetam,” by Baronius, Cæsar writer

Born: Barrelier, James was born at Paris in 1606 and after having gone through a course of study (16061673)

Publication: “Maestro di campo generate,” by Basta, George an able military commander

Born: Benning, John Bodecher was born in the village of Loosdrecht

Publication: “Collection of the Councils,” by Bini, Severin in Latin Binius

Publication: “Jacobi I. Magnse Britanniae inauguratio,” by Blackwood, Adam professor of civil law at Poictiers

Publication: “Annotationes in poemata Quiuti Horatii,” by Bond, John a celebrated commentator and grammarian

Died: Boscoli, Andrea painter

Born: Boulanger, John engraver

Born: Brucker, John James the learned author of the “History of Philosophy

Born: Busby, Richard the most eminent schoolmaster in his time

Publication: “Chronologic septennaire,” by Caiet, Peter Victor Palma was born in 1525 at Montrichard in Touraine

Died: Calignon, Soffrey De a native of Saint Jean

Born: Calvert, Thomas was born at York in 1606

Died: Calvi, Lazzaro artist

Born: Caramuel De Lobkqvitsh, John monk

Publication: “Tithes examined, and proved to be due to the Clergy by a Divine Right,” by Carleton, George bishop

Born: Castell, Edmund divine

Died: Chopin, Rene lawyer

Born: Conringius, Hermannus one of the eminent publicists of Germany

Publication: “Varies Lectiones,” by Contarini, Vincent a professor of eloquence at Padua

Born: Corneille, Peter one of the most celebrated French poets

Died: Coryate, George poet

Publication: “Velificatio, seu theoremata de anno ortds ac mortis Domini; cum tabula chronographica, a capta per Pompeium lerosolyma, ad deletam a Tito xirbem;” by Decker, John Jesuit

Died: Desportes, Philip poet

Publication: “A plain and familiar Exposition of the Ten Commandments,” by Dod, John usually styled the Decalogist

Publication: “A plain and familiar Exposition” by Dod, John usually styled the Decalogist

Born: Downing, Calybute divine

Born: Duport, James scholar

Born: Everdingen, Cæsar Van painter

Born: Fabri, Honore' Jesuit

Publication: “A Treatise on the sacred Authority of Bishops,” by Filesac, John was a native of Paris

Publication: “Treatise concerning Polity and Religion,” by Fitzherbert, Thomas grandson of sir Anthony

Died: Fresnaye, John Vauquelin De La poet

Publication: “Bruxella cum suo comitatu,” by Gramaye, John Baptist antiquary

Publication: “Arscotum Ducatus cum suis Baronatibus,” by Gramaye, John Baptist antiquary

Publication: “Thenae et Brabantise ultra Velpem, quse olim Hasbaniae pars,” by Gramaye, John Baptist antiquary

Publication: “A paire of Turtle doves, or the tragical history of Bellora and Fidelio,” by Greene, Robert poet

Born: Grimaldi, John Francis called Bolognese

Born: Gualdo Priorato, Galeasso historian

Publication: “Dictionary” by Holyoake, Francis a learned Englishman

Born: Jacob, Henry was born either in 1606 or 1607

Publication: “Caesar’s Commentaries,” by Jungerman, Godfrey a native of Leipsic

Publication: “Six Bookes of a Common-wealthe,” by Knolles, Richard author of an excellent History of the Turks

Born: Kuyp, Albert artist

Publication: “Consultatio Parisini cujusdam,” by Leschassier, James lawyer

Born: Lippi, Fra. Filippo painter

Died: Lipsius, Justus critic

Born: Masentus, James Jesuit

Died: Melvil, Sir James historian

Died: Mercurialis, Jerome physician

Died: Monantheuil, Henry De writer

Publication: “A full Satisfaction concerning a double Romish Iniquitie, hainous Rebellion, and more than heathenish Æquivocation containing three parts. The two former belong to the Reply upon the Moderate Answer: the first for confirmation of the discovery in these two points, treason and equivocation; the second is a justification of protestants touching the same points. The third part is a large discourse confuting the reasons and grounds of other priests, both in the case of rebellion and ^equivocation: published by authoritie,” by Morton, Thomas bishop

Publication: “Tresor de la langue Frangaise tant ancienne que moderne,” by Nicot, John a learned Frenchman

Died: Orlandini, Nicholas Jesuit

Publication: “Doctrina Peripatetica tomi tres,” by Pacius, Juuus lawyer

Publication: “Recueil des poesies, Francoises et Latines,” by Passerat, John a celebrated professor of eloquence in the royal college at Paris

Born: Perrot, Nicolas sieur d'Ablancourt

Died: Putschius, Elias born at Antwerp

Died: Rauwolf, Leonard botanist

Born: Rembrandt, Van Ryn painter and engraver

Died: Rhodoman, Laurence a learned German

Died: Riolan, John physician

Publication: “Censura demonstrations Harveti pro veritate Alchymiae,” by Riolan, John was born at Paris in the year 1577

Born: Sandrart, Joachim painter

Born: Somner, William antiquary

Publication: “Benedictine Order,” by Trithemius, John abbot

Died: Valerio, Augustine prelate

Born: Vignier, Jerome historian

Publication: “A defence of Mr. Perkins’ booke called A Reformed Catholike, &c.” by Wotton, Anthony ranked by Fuller among the learned writers of JCing’s-college (15611626)

Publication: “De Anima,” by Zabarella, James born Sept. 5


Publication: “the first fancies of his youth;” by Alexander, William poet and statesman

Died: Allori, Alexander called Bronzing

Publication: “Clarorum Catalogus Hispaniae Scriptorum,” by Andreas, Valerius a biographer

Publication: “Lettere,” by Andreini, Isabella was born at Padua in 1562

Born: Aprosio, Angelico born at Ventimiglia

Died: Aviano, Jerome poet

Born: Barlow, Thomas bishop

Born: Basier, Isaac divine

Died: Basta, George an able military commander

Died: Bertel, John in Latin Bertelius

Publication: “Answers upon sundry examinations whilst he was a prisoner,” by Blackwell, George writer

Publication: “L‘Histoire des Guerres de Piemont, depuis 1550 jusqu’en 1561;” by Boivin, Francis De baron of Villars

Publication: “Filli di Sciro,” by Bonarelli, Guy Ubaldo was born December 25

Publication: “De modo discurrendi circa morbos eosdem curandi tractatus,” by Bottoni, Albertino physician

Born: Brun, Lawrence Le Jesuit

Publication: “Archbishop Morton,” by Budden, John a civilian of Oxford

Born: Bussieres, John De Jesuit

Publication: “De Libertate Ecclesiastica Liber,” by Casaubon, Isaac critic

Publication: “Inscriptio vetus dedicationem fundi continens, ab Herode rege facta, cum notis.” by Casaubon, Isaac critic

Died: Casman, Otto divine

Publication: “Lexicon medicum Groeco-Latinum,” by Castellus, Bartholomew physician

Died: Chalvet, Matthew De in Latin Calventius

Publication: “Pharmacopoeia Dogmaticorum restituta, pretiosis, selectisque Hermeticorum Floribus illustrata,” by Chesne, Joseph Du called also Quercetanus

Publication: “Notae in Senecse libellum de tranquillitate animi,” by Chokier, John Ernest De the brother of Erasmus de Surlet

Born: Clagett, Nicholas

Died: Crusius, Martin antiquary

Publication: “The differences of the ages of man’s life, together with the original causes, progress, and end thereof,” by Cuff, Henry scholar

Died: Dakins, William one of the translators of the Bible

Born: Dandini, Vincent was born at Florence in 1607

Publication: “Bishop Gibson has stated the charge against this gentleman more mildly, in his Life of Camden, prefixed to the English translation of his Britannia.” by Dewailly, Charles architect

Born: Diepenbeck, Abraham Van artist

Publication: “Poemata,” by Dousa, Janus a very learned man

Born: Edmondson, Henry a learned schoolmaster

Publication: “De Origine Romanorum,” by Ferrari, Octavian an Italian author

Born: Ferrari, Octavius of the same family with the famer

Died: Fontana, Domenick architect

Died: Gerarde, John queen

Born: Gregory, John divine

Born: Grew, Obadiah a worthy parish priest

Born: Hackspan, Theodore divine

Born: Hollar, Wentzel engraver

Publication: “Concordia Discors,” by Hospinian, Ralph writer

Born: Joly, Claude writer

Publication: “Concordantia veteris Testamenti Graecae, Ebrseis vocibus respondentes srote/xfnrfw. Simul enim et Lexicon Efyraico-latinum,” by Kircher, Conrad divine

Born: Labbe, Philip Jesuit

Publication: “Platonicorum aliquot, qui etiamnum supersunt, Authorum, Graecorum, imprimis, mox Latinorum, syllabus alphabeticus,” by Langbaine, Gerahd writer

Publication: “Tyrocinium Graecarum Literarum,” by Langius, Joseph mathematician

Publication: “Ars Medica, succincte et perspicue explicata,” by Lid Del, Duncan professor of mathematics

Born: Lievens, Jan painter

Publication: “Tractatus de variis annorum formis.” by Lydiat, Thomas scholar

Publication: “England’s Arcadia, alluding his beginning from sir Philip Sydney’s ending,” by Markham, Gervase an English author

Publication: “The authority of the Church in making canons and constitutions concerning things indifferent,” by Mason, Francis divine

Died: Menochius, James a native of Pavia

Died: Merula, Paul a very learned Hollander

Publication: “Vita Desiderii Eras on ex ipsius manu fideliter representata. Additi sunt epistolarum ipsius libri duo,” by Merula, Paul a very learned Hollander

Publication: “the Protestant Pope.” by Mornay, Philip De lord of Plessis Marly

Publication: “ATreatise, tending to Mitigation towards Catholic subjects in England, against Tho. Morton,” by Morton, Thomas bishop

Died: Newton, Thomas poet

Publication: “The Cuckow, a Poem,” by Nichols, Richard whom Mr

Publication: “Hispania; seu de Oppidis Fluminibusque Hispanise,” by Nonius, Lewis physician

Publication: “The Surveyor’s Dialogue, &c.” by Norden, John an industrious topographer

Born: Pallavicino, Sforza cardinal

Publication: “A scholastical Discourse against symbolizing with Anti-christ in ceremonies, especially in the sign of the Cross,” by Parker, Robert divine

Born: Petitot, John painter

Publication: “Scriptores de Rebus Germanicis,” by Pistorius, John divine

Died: Popham, Sir John lawyer

Publication: “Aristophanes,” by Portus, Æmilius was born in 1551

Publication: “Amplissimi viri Claudii Puteani Tumulus,” by Puy, Peter Du historian

Born: Quellinus, Erasmus painter

Publication: “Scholu Anatomica novis et raris observationibus illustrata. Adjuncta est accurata fcetus humani historia,” by Riolan, John was born at Paris in the year 1577

Born: Ruffi, Anthony De historian

Born: Rushworth, John an English gentleman

Born: Ruyter, Michael-Adrian De a celebrated Dutch admiral

Born: Schurman, Anna Maria A a most learned German lady

Born: Scuderi, Magdeleine De and his superior in talents

Publication: “Confutatio disputationis Baronii de baptismo Constantini,” by Scultetus, Abraham divine

Born: Shakspeare was a considerable dealer in wool

Publication: “The Travels of the three brothers Shirleys,” by Shirley, Anthony traveller

Publication: “A brotherly persuasion to unity and uniformity in judgment and practice, touching the received and present ecclesiastical government, and the authorized rites and ceremonies of the church of England,” by Sparke, Thomas divine

Publication: “Meditationes J. Cardinalis de Turrecremata in vitarn < liristi, cum vita Card. &c.” by Swert, Francis antiquary

Born: Tromp, Martin Happertz Van a celebrated Dutch admiral

Publication: “Britannia,” by Usher, James prelate

Publication: “For many of these things concerning Dublin I acknowledge myself indebted to the diligence and labour of James Usher, chancellor of the church of St. Patrick, who in various learning and judgment far exceeds his years.” by Usher, James prelate

Born: Valesius, Adrian brother of Henry

Publication: “Horatii Emblemata,” by Venius, Otho, painter

Died: Vossius, Gerard-John writer

Publication: “Rex Platonicus, sive de potentiss. principis Jacobi regis ad Acad. Oxon. adventu, anno 1605,” by Wake, Isaac a learned politician


Publication: “Sermon preached at Westminster, May 26, 1608, at the funeral of Thomas earl of Dorset, late lord high treasurer of England, on Isaiah xl. 6.” by Abbot, George archbishop (?–1633)

Died: Acernus, Sebastian Fabian a native of Poland

Died: Agelius, Anthony a native of Sorrento

Publication: “A Counter-poison against Bernard and Crashaw,” by Ainsworth, Henry divine

Publication: “Explanationes in Prophetias Merlini Angli,” by Alanus De Insulis is the name under which two persons

Born: Allen, Thomas clergyman

Publication: “Siecle d‘or dans les bois d’Eriphile,” by Balbuena, Bernard De poet

Born: Bartoli, Daniel Jesuit

Publication: “Ciceronis princeps,” by Bellenden, William more generally known by his Latin name of Gulielmus Belendenus

Died: Benedict, Rene' a famous doctor of the Sorbonne

Publication: “Apophthegmata Christianorum,” by Beyerlinck, Laurence a voluminous author

Died: Bonarelli, Guy Ubaldo was born December 25

Born: Borelli, John Alphonso mathematician

Born: Brouwer, Adrian painter

Publication: “Chronologic novennaire,” by Caiet, Peter Victor Palma was born in 1525 at Montrichard in Touraine

Died: Cespedes, Paul painter

Born: Cheynell, Francis a nonconformist of some note

Born: Cokayne, Sir Aston poet

Born: Conant, Dr. John divine

Died: Craig, Sir Thomas was born at Edinburgh in 1548

Died: Dee, John mathematician

Died: Delrio, Martin Antony Jesuit

Publication: “Two Sermons, the one commending the ministry in general, the other, the office of bishops in particular,” by Downham, George bishop

Born: Fanshawe, The Right Hon. Sir Richard, Knt. And Bart. statesman

Died: Fenton, Sir Geoffrey statesman

Born: Fiennes, Nathanael second son of lord Say just mentioned

Publication: “De viribus Imaginationis Tractatus,” by Fienus, Thomas physician

Publication: “De Antiquitate et Continuatione Catholicse Religionis in Anglia,” by Fitzherbert, Nicholas grandson also to sir Anthony Fitzherbert

Publication: “Vitse Cardinalis Alani Epitome,” by Fitzherbert, Nicholas grandson also to sir Anthony Fitzherbert

Publication: “An Answer to certain complaintive Letters of afflicted Catholics for Religion:” by Fitzsimons, Henry Jesuit

Publication: “De Interpretatione Scripturarum,” by Forster, John divine

Born: Freinshemius, John a learned classical editor

Born: Fuller, Thomas divine

Publication: “A brief view of the state of the Church of England.” by Godwin, Francis was born at Havington in Northamptonshire

Publication: “The debate between Follie and Love, translated out'of French,” by Greene, Robert poet

Publication: “Christus patiens,” by Grotius, Hugo one of the most eminent names in literary history

Publication: “The New Sacrifice of Christian Incense,” by Guild, William divine

Born: Hyde, Edward earl of Clarendon

Born: Jacob, Lewis bibliographer

Publication: “Apology for John Wickliffe, &c.” by James, Thomas critic

Publication: “Grammatica Arabica,” by Kirstenius, Peter professor of physic at Upsal

Born: Langbaine, Gerahd writer

Publication: “Juvenal and Persius,” by Langius, Joseph mathematician

Publication: “The Socinian Controversy discussed,” by Leslie, Charles writer

Publication: “AntiLubinus,” by Lubin, Eilhard one of the most learned protestants of his time

Born: Milton, John the most illustrious of English poets

Publication: “De Pestilentia Liber unus,” by Minderer, Raymond physician

Born: Monk, George duke of Albemarle

Born: Montecuculi, Raymond De a very celebrated Austrian general

Died: Morin, Peter critic

Publication: “A Preamble unto an Incounter with, P. R. the author of the deceitful Treatise of Mitigation,” by Morton, Thomas bishop

Born: Nuvolone is the name of a family of painters

Born: Palliot, Peter historiographer

Publication: “De quatuordecim Regionibus Urbis Romae,” by Pancirolus, Guy the son of Albert Pancirolus

Publication: “Castigationes in brevem et maledicam admonitionem Joannis Magiri Jesuitae predicantis apud Nemetes Spirantes,” by Pareus, John Philip one of the most laborious grammarians that Germany ever produced

Died: Pistorius, John divine

Publication: “Tabulae ad Grammaticam Groecam Introductorioe,” by Prideaux, John bishop

Publication: “Comus, sive Phagesiposia Cimmeria, de luxu somnium,” by Puteanus, Erycius in Flemish Vander Putten

Born: Rainbow, Edward bishop

Publication: “Claim of antiquity in behalf of the Protestant Religion,” by Rider, John prelate

Publication: “A catholic confutation of Mr. John Rider’s Claim of Antiquity, and a calming comfort against his caveat,” by Rider, John prelate

Publication: “Les Elemens d'Artillerie,” by Rivault, David writer

Publication: “Nili, archiepiscopi Thessalonicensis, de primatu papae llomani, libri duo, item Barlaam monachus, cum interpretatione Latina: Cl. Salmasii opera et studio, cum ejusdemin utrumque notis,” by Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Born: Schomberg, Frederic 'Duke Of a distinguished general

Born: Schott, Gaspar Jesuit

Publication: “Opuscula,” by Sleidan, John historian (?–1556)

Publication: “Notae in Hieronymi Magii de Tintinnabulis libellum posthumum,” by Swert, Francis antiquary

Born: Terburgh, Gerard painter

Born: Torricelli, Evangelista, mathematician

Publication: “Essays, politic and moral,” by Turbervile, George poet

Born: Vaughan, John lord chief justice of the commonpleas

Publication: “The Golden Grove, moralized in three books,” by Vaughan, William poet

Publication: “Amorum emblemata,” by Venius, Otho, painter

Died: Vere, Francis a brave English commander

Died: Villalpando, John Baptist Jesuit

Publication: “Oratio funebris habita in Templo B. Mariae Oxon. quum mo2sti Oxonienses, piis manibus Johannis Rainoldi parentarent,” by Wake, Isaac a learned politician

Born: Warwick, Sir Philip historian

Born: Woodhead, Abraham whom Dr (?–1678)

Publication: “The tryal of the Roman Clergy’s title to the Church,” by Wotton, Anthony ranked by Fuller among the learned writers of JCing’s-college (15611626)


Born: Acheri, Luc D' Benedictine

Died: Aglionby, John divine

Publication: “Disputationes anti-Vullejanæ,” by Antonius, Godefroy lawyer (?–1618)

Publication: “Disputationes de Virtute morali,” by Aquaviva, Andrew Matthew Duke of Atri in the kingdom of Naples

Publication: “Conquista delas islas Molucas,” by Argensola the name of two Spanish poets

Born: Argoli, John son of the former

Publication: “Deliciae poetarum Gallorum,” by Autels, William Des poet

Born: Backer, Jacob painter

Publication: “History of Holland,” by Baillet, Adrian critic

Born: Barksdale, Clement writer

Publication: “Tractatus de Monarchia Siciliae,” by Baronius, Cæsar writer

Publication: “Epistolae ad Anglos Pontificios,” by Blackwell, George writer

Publication: “Varii generis poemata,” by Blackwood, Adam professor of civil law at Poictiers

Publication: “The art of Dialling, in two parts.” by Blagrave, John mathematician

Died: Boch, John poet

Born: Bona, John cardinal

Born: Boullongne, Louis De the elder

Publication: “The Feminine Monarchy; or a Treatise on Bees,” by Butler, Charles writer

Publication: “Illustrium mulierum et virorum historia,” by Capaccio, Julius Cæsar historian

Publication: “Polybii Opera Gr. & Lat. Accedit Æneas Tracticus detoleranda obsidione, Gr. & Lat.” by Casaubon, Isaac critic

Publication: “Pentaesthesejon, id est, de quinque Sensibus Liber, Organorum Fabricam, Actionem, et Usum continens,” by Casserius, Julius anatomist

Died: Chesne, Joseph Du called also Quercetanus

Publication: “Conclusiones theologies,” by Collius, Francis a doctor of the Ambrosian college at Milan

Publication: “De militari Komanorum stipendio,” by Contarini, Vincent a professor of eloquence at Padua

Born: Cooper, Samuel painter

Born: Dalrymple, James the seventh baron and first viscount Stair

Publication: “The Holy Rood of Christ’s Church,” by Davis, John of Hereford

Publication: “Humours Heaven and Earth, with the civil wars of Death and Fortune,” by Davis, John of Hereford

Born: Diemerbroeck, Isbrand, De was born at Montfort

Born: Doujat, John scholar

Publication: “Observations on Caesar’s Commentaries of the civil wars, in three books,” by Edmondes, Clement son to sir Thomas Edmondes

Publication: “The Life of St. Catherine of Sienna,” by Fenn, John scholar

Born: Foulon, John Erard divine

Born: Gayton, Edmund or

Publication: “German Herbal.” by Gesner, Conrad scholar

Died: Gorlæus, Abraham antiquary

Publication: “Geometrica Demonstnuio Vivianeorum problematum,” by Grandlus, Gumo mathematician

Publication: “Appendix ad Geographiam antiquani,” by Gronovius, James was born October 20 (?–1716)

Publication: “the Freedom of the Ocean, or the Right of the Dutch to trade to the Indies.” by Grotius, Hugo one of the most eminent names in literary history

Died: Guillemeau, James one of the most celebrated surgeons of the sixteenth century

Born: Hale, Sir Matthew lawyer

Publication: “and Apology,” by Jewel, John prelate

Publication: “Epicsene, or the Silent Woman,” by Jonson, Benjamin for so he

Publication: “L'Histoire et les Antiqnités de Beauvuis,” by Louvet, Peter an able advocate in the seventeenth century

Publication: “Emendatio Temporum ab initio mundi hue usque compendio facta, contra Scaligerum et alios,” by Lydiat, Thomas scholar

Publication: “Emendatio temporum, &c. contra Scaligerum et alios,” by Lydiat, Thomas scholar

Publication: “Commentaries on the Minor Prophets,” by Lyserus, Polycarp a learned Protestant theologian

Publication: “Commentaries upon Jeremiah, Baruch, Ezekiel, and Daniel,” by Maldonat, John Jesuit

Publication: “Elogiaillustrium Belgii scriptorum,” by Miræus, Aubertus a learned German

Born: Mola, Pfter Francis painter

Publication: “Plautus,” by Pareus, John Philip one of the most laborious grammarians that Germany ever produced

Publication: “Opuscula,” by Pithou, Peter a French gentleman of eminence in the republic of letters

Publication: “Linguae Hebraicae institutiones absolutissimae.” by Quinquarboreus or

Died: Rapin, Nicholas poet

Died: Rhese, John David philologist

Died: Renniger, Michael or

Born: Roberts, Francis divine

Born: Rotrou, John De poet

Publication: “A Commentary on the Song of Songs,” by Saadias-Gaon rabbi

Publication: “Commentaria in primam sectionem Aphorismorum Hippocratis,” by Sanctorius physician

Publication: “Sidonius Apollinaris,” by Savaron, John a celebrated president and lieutenant-general in the seneschalshit> and presidial court of Clerinont in Auvergne

Publication: “De Emendatione Temporurn” by Scaliger, Joseph Justus and heir to his talents and temper

Publication: “Marie Magdalen’s Funeral Teares,” by Southwell, Robert Jesuit

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Born: Spon, Charles a learned Frenchman

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Born: Suckling, Sir John an accomplished courtier

Publication: “Musae errantes Justi Lipsii,” by Swert, Francis antiquary

Publication: “Schardii Syntagma de Imperiali Jurisdictione,” by Thierri a native of Paderborn in Westphalia

Publication: “De microcosmo, deque magno mundi ministerio et medicina hominis,” by Valentine, Basil is the name

Died: Vossius, Gerard a very learned man

Born: Whichcote, Benjamin divine (?–1683)

Publication: “Explicatio brevis privilegiorum juris et consuetudinis circa ven. sacramentum eucharistiae,” by White, Richard historian (1540–?)

Publication: “De reliquiis et veneratione Sanctorum,” by White, Richard historian (1540–?)

Born: Wild, Robert divine

Born: Wilkinson, Henry and called Long Harry

Publication: “De Gratia geueri humano in primo parente collata, de lapsu Adami,” by Willet, Andrew divine (15621621)

Born: Wishart, George bishop

Publication: “Sermons on part of chapter first of St. John’s Gospel,” by Wotton, Anthony ranked by Fuller among the learned writers of JCing’s-college (15611626)