Boivin, Louis

, brother to the preceding, a distinguished scholar and pensionary of the academy of belles lettres, was born at Montreuil l’Argile, and educated, first under the Jesuits at Rouen, and afterwards at Paris, where he settled. His acquirements in literature were various and extensive; but his temper, according to his own account, was intractable and unsocial, enterprising, vain, and versatile. He was employed by several eminent magistrates as the associate and director of their private studies; but the litigiousness of his disposition involved him in | great trouble and expence. He published some learned dissertations on historical subjects, in the “Memoirs of the Academy of Belles Lettres,” and made great progress towards a new edition of Josephus. He died in 1724, aged 75 years. 1

1 Moreri. Divt. Hist.