Bordeu, Francis

, brother to Theophilus, and educated under his father and him, was born at Pau, in 1737. Having taken his degree of doctor in medicine at Montpellier, in 1756, he returned to Pau, and was appointed to supply the place of his brother, as inspector of the waters there. In 1757, he published “De sensibilitate et contractibilitate partium in corpore humano sano,” Monspell.; and in 1760, “Precis d’observations sur les Eaux de Bareges,” &c. 12mo, collected principally from the works of his father, brother, and other writers on the subject. “Recherches sur les maladies chroniques, leur rapports avec les maladies aigues,” &c. 1775, 8vo; principally with the view of shewing the utility and the manner of administering mineral waters in the cure of chronical complaints. 2