Events noted in 1775

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1774 1776


Publication: “Traites elementaires du Calcul differentiel et du Calcul integral,” by Agnesi, Maria Cajetana an Italian lady of great learning

Publication: “Eloge de Quesnoy,” by Albon, Claude Camille, Francois Count D' was born at Lyons in 1753

Died: Amort, Eusebius a canon regular of the order of St

Publication: “Contes mis en vers par un petit cousin de Rabelais,” by Aquino De Chateau Lyon, Peter Louis and a bachelor of medicine

Died: Ashton, Thomas divine

Publication: “Les Oracles de Cos,” by Aubry, John Francis physician

Publication: “Discourses on Education, delivered in the Royal college at Rouen, to which are subjoined, Reflections upon Friendship,” by Auger, Athanasius critic

Publication: “Letters and Journals, carefully transcribed by Robert Aiken containing an impartial account of public transactions, civil, ecclesiastical, and military, both in England and Scotland, from 1637 to 1662 a period, perhaps, the most remarkable that is to be met with in the British History. With an Account of the Author’s life, prefixed and a Glossary annexed,” by Baillie, Robert divine

Publication: “Remarks on Dr. Balguy’s Sermon, in a letter to that gentleman, by one of the petitioning clergy.” by Balguy, Thomas son of the above

Publication: “Tracts on the probability of reaching the North Pole,” by Barrington, The Hon. Daines was born in 1727

Publication: “Bibliotheque universelle des Romans,” by Bastide, John Francis De La writer

Died: Bate, James was born at Bocton Malherb in Kent in 1703

Publication: “Le Barbier de Seville,” by Beaumarchais, Peter Augustin Caron De writer

Publication: “Commentaire sur la Henriade,” by Beaumelle, Laurence Angliviel De La writer

Publication: “Varletes Litteraires,” by Beurieu, Gaspard Guillard De writer

Publication: “New Magazine of Police, &c.” by Bergius, John Henry Louis writer

Died: Bernard, Peter Joseph poet

Publication: “Pygmalion” by Berquin, Arnaud writer

Publication: “Les longitudes par la mesure du temps,” by Berthoud, Ferdinand an eminent French marine clock-maker

Publication: “Morale de l'Evangile,” by Bertrand, Elias writer

Died: Bianchi, John naturalist

Died: Bignicourt, Simon De a counsellor of the presklial of Rheims

Publication: “Guillaume de Nassau,” by Bitaube', Paul Jeremiah poet

Publication: “Recherches sur les maladies chroniques, leur rapports avec les maladies aigues,” by Bordeu, Francis brother to Theophilus

Publication: “On Illicit Love; written among the Ruins of Godstow Nunnery,” by Brand, John secretary to the society of antiquaries

Publication: “A Supplement to the Stemmata,” by Buckler, Benjamin antiquary

Publication: “Travels through the middle settlements in North America in the years 1759 and 1760, with observations upon the state of the colonies,” by Burnaby, Andrew archdeacon of Leicester and vicar of Greenwich

Died: Capperonnier, John was born at Mondidier in 1716

Publication: “Memoires pour servir a la Vie de Catinat,” by Cato, Marcu Portius the censor

Publication: “Vie de Dante,” by Chabanon, De writer

Publication: “Sabinus,” by Chabanon, De writer

Publication: “Epitre sur la manie des jardins Anglois,” by Chabanon, De writer

Died: Collingwood, Cuthbert, Lord a brave and excellent English admiral

Publication: “Travels in Italy and Holland,” by Coyer, L'Abbé who was born at Baumeles-Nones in Franche-Comtt;

Publication: “Lexicon Ægyptiaco-Latinum,” by Croze, Mathuiun Veyssiere La writer

Publication: “An historical relation of the several Expeditions, from Fort Marlbro' to the Islands off the West Coast of Sumatra,” by Dalrymple, Alexander an eminent hydrographer

Died: De Missy, Cæsar a man greatly distinguished in the learned world

Publication: “Loisirs du Chevalier D'Eon,” by Denton, William the youngest son of sir T

Born: Dermody, Thomas poet

Died: Durell, David divine

Publication: “Buckingham’s Works,” by Evans, Thomas bookseller

Publication: “Inquiry into the propriety of Blood-letting in Consumption,” by Farr, Samuel physician

Publication: “The Art of Drawing in Perspective made easy,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Publication: “An Introduction to Electricity,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Publication: “Two Letters to the Rev. Mr. John Kennedy,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Publication: “A Third Letter to the Rev. Mr. John Kennedy,” by Ferguson, James philosopher

Publication: “An Inquiry into the. Astronomy and Anatomy of the Ancients,” by Francklin, Thomas chaplain in ordinary to his majesty

Publication: “Oratio Panegyrica in auspicium sseculi tertii Academic Batavse quae Leidse est,” by Gaubius, Jerome David physician

Publication: “Reports of Cases of controverted Elections,” by Glanvil, Sir John younger son of John Glanvil of Tavistock in Devonshire

Publication: “The Morality of Shakspeare’s Drama illustrated,” by Griffith, Elizabeth writer

Died: Guischard, Charles Gottlieb called Quintus Icilius

Publication: “De Magia,” by Haen, Anthony De professor of medicine in the university of Vienna

Publication: “Description concerning such mechanism as will afford a nice or true Mensuration of Time,” by Harrison, John a most accurate mechanic

Publication: “Memoirs of the late contested election for the county of Leicester,” by Heathcote, Ralph divine

Died: Hill, Sir John writer

Publication: “Cleonice,” by Hoole, John poet

Publication: “The Pilgrim, or a Picture of Life,” by Johnston, Charles author of <c Chrysal

Died: Lancaster, Nathaniel, D. D. was many years rector of Stamford Rivers

Publication: “Memorie idrostatico-storiche delle operazioni esequite nella inalveazione del Reno di Bologna, e degli altri minori torrenti per la linea di primaro al mare dalP anno 1765 al 1772,” by Lecchi, John Anthony a learned Italian mathe. matician

Publication: “L'homme moral,” by Levesque, Peter Charles writer

Publication: “Flora Scotica” by Lightfoot, Jofln botanist

Publication: “Theorie du Libelle,” by Linguet, Simon Nicholas Henry writer

Publication: “Letters on the Colonies,” by Long, Edward author of a valuable History of Jamaica

Publication: “Historical, Political, and Moral Miscellanies,” by Lynar, Rochus Frederic Count statesman

Publication: “Thoughts on the Causes of the Present Discontents;” by Macaulay, Catherine the name of her second husband

Born: Malus, Stephen Louis mathematician

Publication: “Life of the well-deserving prelate, Nicholas Steno, of Denmark,” by Mann I, Dominic Maria writer

Publication: “Memoirs of his own Life,” by Marolles, Michel De an industrious French translator

Publication: “Memoirs of Gray” by Mason, William divine

Publication: “Lettre sur la Pucelle D'Orleans,” by Mercier, Bartholomew bibliographer

Publication: “Commentationes resize soc. Scientiarum Goettingerrsis, per annos 1758 1762,” by Michaelis, John David critic

Publication: “De litteratura Faventinorum, sive de viris dociis, et scriptoribus urbis Faventinae (Faenza), appendix ad accessiones hist. Faventinas,” by Mittarelli, John Benedict historian

Died: Montague, Elizabeth a learned and ingenious English lady

Publication: “Devoirs d'un prince,” by Moreau, Jacob Nicolas a French advocate (17171799)

Publication: “Veterum Inscriptionum Gr. et Lat. novissimus thesaurus,” by Muratori, Lewis Anthony antiquary

Died: Nutt, Joseph a very ingenious man

Publication: “Critica Sacra examined, or an attempt to shew that a new method may be found to reconcile the seemingly glaring variations in parallel passages of Scripture, and that such variations are no proofs of corruptions,” by Owen, Henry divine

Publication: “Supplement to Critica Sacra; in which the principles of that treatise are fully confirmed, and the objections of Mr. Raphael Baruh are clearly answered,” by Owen, Henry divine

Publication: “A volume of Essays,” by Parsons, Philip divine

Publication: “A Father’s Instructions, consisting of tales, fables, and reflections, designed to promote the love of virtue, a taste for knowledge, and an early acquaintance with the works of nature,” by Percival, Thomas physician

Publication: “Reliques of Ancient Poetry” by Percy, Thomas prelate

Publication: “Chirurgical Observations relative to the Cataract, the Polypus of the Nose, the Cancer of the Scrotum, the different kinds of Ruptures, and the Mortification of the Toes and Feet,” by Pott, Percival surgeon (17131788)

Publication: “Liberal Opinions upon Animals, Man, and Providence,” by Pratt, Samuel Jackson poet (17491814)

Publication: “Six Olympic Odes of Pindar, being those omitted by Mr. West, translated into English verse, with notes,” by Pye, Henry James poet

Publication: “Reports,” by Raymond, Robert

Died: Riccati, Vincent mathematician

Publication: “An Essay on Psalmody,” by Romaine, William divine

Died: Rutty, John writer

Publication: “Traité complet d'Anatomie,” by Sabatier, Raphael - Bienvenu surgeon

Publication: “Letters,” by Sevigne', Mary De Rabutin, Lady De Chantal And Bourbilly, And Marchioness De was the only daughter of Celse Benigne de Rabutin

Publication: “Universal Magazine” by Stockdale, Percival writer

Publication: “De laudibus Legum Anglise,” by Topham, John antiquary

Publication: “The scheme of Christian and Philosophical necessity asserted, in answer to Mr. John Wesley’s tract on that subject,” by Toplady, Augustus Montague a strenuous champion for the Calvinism of the church of England

Publication: “Joy in Heaven, and the Creed of Devils: two Sermons, preached in London,” by Toplady, Augustus Montague a strenuous champion for the Calvinism of the church of England

Publication: “Instructions d'un pare a ses enfans sur la nature et la religion,” by Trembley, Abraham naturalist

Publication: “The History of Halifax,” by Watson, John historian

Died: Williams, Anna an ingenious English lady

Publication: “Irenicum; or, the Importance of Unity in the Church of Christ considered, and applied towards the healing of our unhappy differences and divisions,” by Worthington, William divine

Publication: “Essay on the Demoniacs,” by Worthington, William divine

Publication: “A concise historical Account of the present Constitution of the `Unitas Fratrum,' or Uniy of the Evangelical Brethren, &c.” by Zinzendorf, Nicholas Lewis count de