Bramer, Leonard

, a Flemish historical painter, was born at Delft, in 1596, and acquired the art of painting in the school of Rembrandt, whose manner in small he imitated. At the age of 18 years he went to Rome for further improvement, but could never wholly divest himself of the Flemish style. With a fine taste of design he combined an expression generally good, and occasionally noble. His pencil is delicate, and his colouring very peculiar in Che tints, and by great skill in the management of the chiaro-scuro, light, bold, and full of lustre, particularly in the vases, which he was fond of introducing, and to which he gave a rich and fine relievo. To his pictures he was accustomed to give a great degree of transparence, by painting witk a very thin body of colour, especially in the brown and shadowy parts. His name was famous, not only at Rome, but in several other cities of Italy, anu his works, but of Italy, are scarce but when“they occur in an undamaged state, they fetch high prices. Among his most capital pictures are the” Raising of Lazarus,“exhibiting a charming contrast of light and shadow; his” Denial of St. Peter,“both executed in his best manner, and preserved at Rome; and particularly a small picture on copper, representing the” Story of Pyramus and Thisbe." 2


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