Brancas Villeneuve, Andrew Francis

, abbe d’Aulnay, who was born in the comtat Venaissin, and died April 11, 1758, is known by several works in physics and astronomy. The abundance of words, the frequent | repetitions, the great number of insignificant ideas perceived in his writings, have disgusted many readers; though they contain much excellent matter. The principal are, 1. “Letters on cosmography,1744, 4to. 2. “Modern system of cosmography and general physics,1747, 4to. 3. “Explication of the flux and reflux of the sea,1739, 4to. 4. “Cosmographical ephemerides,1750, 12mo, 5. “History or police of the kingdom of Gala,1754, 12mo, pretendedly translated from the Italian into English, and from English into French. 1

1 L’Avocat.- —Dict. Hist.