Bronzerio, John-Jerom

, an Italian physician, was born of wealthy parents, in Abadia, near Rovigo, in the Venetian territory, in 1577. After making great progress in the study of the belles lettres, philosophy, and astronomy, he was sent to Padua, where he was initiated into the knowledge of medicine and anatomy, and in 1597, was made doctor. He now went to Venice, where he practised medicine to the time of his death, in 1630. His publications are, “De innato calido, et naturali spiritu, in quo pro veritate rei Galeni doctrina defenditur,1626, 4to; “Disputatio de Principatu Hepatis ex Anatome Lampetrse,” Patav. 4to. Though from dissecting the liver of this animal he was satisfied the blood did not acquire its red colour there, yet he did not choose to oppose the doctrine of Galen, His observation, however, was probably not lost, but led the way to a more complete discovery of the fact, by subsequent anatomists. He published also, “De Principio Effective Semini insito.2


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