Events noted in 1625

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1620 1630


“Disputatio de Zoophytis;” Ager, Nicholas professor of medicine and botany at Strasbourg

“Discorso intorno alia preservatione del morbo contagioso, e mortale, che regna al presente in Palermo, tkc.” Alaymo, Mark Anthony physician

“Rerum patriae, seu Historise Mediolanensis libri quatuor,” Alciati, Andrew lawyer

“Disputatio de rabie contagiosa,” Aromatari, Joseph physician

Born: Aubrey, John antiquary

“A History of the Revolt of Bohemia against the Emperors Matthias and Ferdinand,” Aurelio, Louis a native of La Perousa

Born: Auria, Vincent born at Palermo

“Censura Gallica in Jus Civile Romanum,” Automne, Bernard advocate of the parliament of Bourdeaux

Born: Baker, Thomas mathematician

Died: Barlowe, William son of the above

“Enchiridion physicum,” Bartholine, Caspar physician

Born: Bates, William divine

“Rerum Gallicarum Coramentaria, ab. A. 1462 usque ad A. 1566,” Beaucaire De Peguilon, Francis in Latin Belcarius Plguilio

“Notitia ehorographica episcopatuum Gallix,” Bertius, Peter cosmographer and historiographer to Louis XIII. of France

Born: Blancard, Nicholas a classical editor

“Commentary on the Pentateuch” Bonfrerius, James Jesuit

“Lezione sopra un altro Sonetto del Petrarca,” Bonifacio, John lawyer

“De Piacere della mente Christiana,” Borromeo, Frederic cousin german to the preceding

Died: Brooke, Ralph York herald

Died: Caccia, William artist

“Geography,” Carpenter, Nathaniel clergyman

Died: Caxes, Eugenio artist

“De conjectandis cuj usque moribus et latitantibus animi affectibus semeiotice moralis, seu de signis libri decem,” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

“Notse in moralem suam semeioticam, seu de signis,” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Died: Chokier, John Ernest De the brother of Erasmus de Surlet

“Specimen candoris Heidemanni,” Chokier, John Ernest De the brother of Erasmus de Surlet

Born: Cinelli, John physician

Born: Commire, John Jesuit

Born: Corneille, Thomas poet

“Pefensio ecclesiae Anglicanse contra M. Anton, cle Dominis archiepisc. Spalatensis injurias,” Crakanthorpe, Richard where he was born in 1567

“Memoirs.” Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Born: Davies, Johin a translator of some note in the seventeenth century

Died: Dempster, Thomas a man of considerable learning and singular character

Born: Denton, John divine

Born: De Witt, John the famous pensionary of Holland

Born: Dolben, John archbishop

Born: Domat, John lawyer

Died: Dominis, Mark Antony De archbishop

Born: Durel, John divine

Died: Emmius, Ubbo a learned professor of Groningen

Died: Eudæmon, John Andrew Jesuit

“Index Rhetoricus Scholis et Institutioni tenerioris Ætatis accommodatus,” Farnabie, Thomas a learned grammarian

Born: Fell, Dr. John divine

“Catholique d'Etat,” Ferrier, Jeremy a protestant minister and professor of divinity at Nismes

“An Answer to nine points of Controversy proposed by king James I. with the censure of Mr. White’s reply,” Fisher, John Jesuit

Died: Fletcher, John writer

Born: Fontaine, Nicholas writer

“Bibliotheca ordinis Minorum,” Francis Of Assisi a celebrated saint of the Romish church

Born: Gourville, John Herauld De a French politician

Born: Guillet, De Saint George, Guy historian

Born: Helvetius, John Frederic physician

Born: Herbelot, Bartholomew D' an eminent Orientalist of France

Died: Herrera Tordesillas, Antonio De historian

Born: Hill, Joseph divine

Died: James I. king of England

“Manuduction, or Introduction unto Divinity, &c.” James, Thomas critic

“Humble and earnest Request to the Church of England, for and in the behalf of books touching Religion,” James, Thomas critic

“Explanation or enlarging of the Ten Articles in his Supplication lately exhibited to the clergy of the church of England,” James, Thomas critic

“Anti-Possevinus, sive Concio habita ad Clerum in Acad. Oxon. an. 1625, in 2 Tim. iv. 13.” James, Richard was born at Newport

“Mysteria Politica,” Keller, James was born in 1568

“Supplement,” Kepler, John the greatest astronomer perhaps that any age has produced (?–1630)

Born: Lee, Samuel divine

Died: Leschassier, James lawyer

Born: Linglebach, John painter

Born: Lloyd, David historian

Born: Lodge, Thomas, M. D. poet

Died: Lubbert, Sibrand divine

Born: Maratti, Carlo one of the most admired painters of the Italian school

“The Penitent Banduto, or the History of the Conversion and Death of the most illustrious Lord Signor Troilo Savelli, a baron of Rome,” Matthew, Tobias and a very singular character

Born: Minellius, John a Dutch grammarian

Born: Montague, Edward eari of Sandwich

Born: Morin, Stephen a learned French protestant

Born: Morland, Sir Samuel, Bart. a man of very considerable celebrity in his day

“Apologie pour les grands hommes soupgonnes de magie.” Naudé, Gabriel writer

Born: Nicole, Peter divine

“England; an intended guyde for English travailers, &c.” Norden, John an industrious topographer

Born: Owtram, William divine

“Memoires de l'Histoire de Lyon,” Paradin, William historian

“Qusestionum Medicarum paradoxarum et eudoxarum Centuria posthuma,” Plater, Felix physician

“Ludovici Mercati Institutiones ad usum et examen eorum qui artem luxatoriam exercent,” Pois, Charles Le was born at Nancy in 1563

Born: Potter, Paul painter (16251654)

“Lectiones decem de totidem Religionis Capitibus, praecipue hoc tempore controversis, prout publice habebantur Oxoiiiae in Vesperiis,” Prideaux, John bishop

Born: Resenius, Peter John a counsellor and professor in Copenhagen

Died: Rutgers, John critic

“Emendationes in Q. Curtium,” Rutgers, John critic

Died: Sacchini, Francis Jesuit

“Commentaria in. primam partem primi libri Canonis Avicennae,” Sanctorius physician

“Hagiologium Flandrise,” Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

“Elogia Cardinalium sanctitate, doctrina, et armis illustrium,” Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

Born: Schrevelius, Cornelius a Dutch commentator

“Answer to the Jewish Part of Mr. Selden’s History of Tythes,” Selden, John one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Born: Spanheim, Ezekiel writer

Died: Spigelius, Adrian writer

Born: Stanley, Thomas poet

“Cambrensium Caroleia,” Vaughan, William poet

“De Ratione et Methodo legendi Historias Dissertatio,” Wheare, Degory Camdenian professor of history at Oxford (?–1647)

“The Debt-Book; or a treatise upon. Romans xiii. 8. wherein is handled the civil debt of money or goods,” Wilkinson, Henry one of four divines of the name of Wilkinson


“The Life of St. Geselin,” Achard bishop

Died: Alemanni, Nicholas antiquary

“Observationes juris,” Amaia, Francis lawyer

“De Incarnatione Verbi,” Ames, William divine (15761633)

“Italia liberata,” Andreas, Onuphrius poet

“Endymion,” Argoli, John son of the former

Born: Arndt, Joshua divine

Died: Aselli, Gaspar physician

“Directions for Health, natural and artificial, with medicines for all diseases of the Eye,” Baley, Walter physician

“Britannia triumphans,” Barlæus, Gaspard poet

“Sphinx Theologica, seu Musica Templi, ubi discordia concurs,” Bendlowes, Edward poet

“Lycaeum morale, politicum, et poeticum,” Bettini, Mario Jesuit

Born: Bigot, Emeric an eminent patron of literature

Born: Borrichius physician

Born: Bosius, John Andrew historian

Born: Boyle, Robert philosopher

Born: Brandt, Gerard historian

Died: Brill, Paul artist

“De innato calido, et naturali spiritu, in quo pro veritate rei Galeni doctrina defenditur,” Bronzerio, John-Jerom physician

“Antiquities and Annals of Treves,” Brower, Christopher Jesuit

“A Plea to an Appeal, traversed Dialoguewise,” Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Died: Calamy, Edmund divine

“Theological Lectures,” Cameron, John one of the most famous divines of the seventeenth century

“Examination of those things wherein the Author of the late Appeal (Montague afterwards bishop of Chichester) holdeth the Doctrine of Pelagians and Arminians, to be the Doctrines of the Church of England,” Carleton, George bishop

“Vita Bernardi Gilpini, viri sanctiss. farnaque apud Anglos aquilonares celeberrimi,” Carleton, George bishop

“Adversaria Sacra,” Cerda, John Lewis Jesuit

“Apologia pro Anti-Tychone suo adversus Hypcraspiten Joannis Kepleri,” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Christina queen

Born: Cole, William botanist

Born: Coventry, William was born in 1626

“Compendium Grammatica; Hebraicae,” Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

“Antiqui chronologi quatuor,” Falco historian

“The Sum of saving Knowledge,” Featley, Daniel divine

Died: Felton, Nicholas prelate

Died: Ferrier, Jeremy a protestant minister and professor of divinity at Nismes

“Philosophia Sacra et vere Christiana, seu Meteorologia Cosmica,” Fludd, Robert philosopher

“Mediclna Cathotica, sen, Mysticum artis Medicandi Sacrarium,” Fludd, Robert philosopher

Born: Furstemberg, Ferdinand De prelate

Died: Gething, Richard a curious penman

“Admiranda Ethicae Theologicae Mysteria propalata, de antiquissima veterum nationum superstitione, qua lapis Magnes pro Deo habitus colebatur,” Herwart, John George chancellor of Bavaria at the beginning of the seventeenth century

“Apologia Basilica; seu Machiavelli ingenium examinatum,” Home, David was a protestant minister of a distinguished family in Scotland

Died: Hospinian, Ralph writer

Born: Howard, Sir Robert writer

“Specimen Corruptelarum poutificiorum in Cypriano, Ambrosio, Greg. Magno, &c.” James, Thomas critic

Died: Lake, Arthur prelate

“Six Books of sacred Chronology,” Lansberg, Philip mathematician

Died: Lesdiguieres, Francis De Bonne, Duke De peer

Died: Maccaghwell, Hugh who in his Latin works called himself Cavellus

“La Murtoleide,” Marini, John Baptist poet

Born: Mather, Samuel was born in Lancashire in 1626

“Cleopatra, a tragedy,” May, Thomas historian

“Plea to an Appeale,” Mountagu, Richard divine

“Testis Veritatis,” Mountagu, Richard divine

“Ibis ad Caesarem,” Mountagu, Richard divine

“Pelagius Redivivus; or, Pelagius raked out of the ashes by Arminius and his scholars,” Mountagu, Richard divine

Born: Neercassel, John De bishop

Born: Noldius, Christian divine (?–1683)

Died: Norden, John an industrious topographer

Born: Oldenburg, Henry who wrote his name sometimes Grubendol

“The Running Register; recording a true relation of the state of the English colleges, seminaries, and cioysters of all forraigne parts. Together with a brief and compendious discourse of the lives, practices, couzenage, impostures and deceits of all our English monks, friars, Jesuits, and seminarie priests in general,” Owen, Lewis writer

Born: Pajon, Claude divine

Born: Patrick, Simon prelate

Died: Piscator, John divine

“Father Paul’s History of the Quarrels of Pope Paul V. with the State of Venice,” Potter, Christopher was born also within the barony of Kendal in Westmorland (15911646)

“Orationes novem inaugurates de totidem Theologiae apicibus, prout in promotione Doctorum Oxoniae publice proponebantur in Comitiis,” Prideaux, John bishop

Died: Procaccini, Julius Cæsar artist

Born: Quintinie, John De La a famous French gardener

Born: Rance', Dom. Armand John Le Bouthillier De the celebrated abbe and reformer of the monastery of La Trappe

Born: Redi, Francis physician

“Jmperatoris Justiniani defensio adversus Alemannum,” Ryves, Sir Thomas son of John Ryves of Damery Court

Born: Sallo, Denis De writer

Born: Seckendorf, Virus Louis De a very learned German

Born: Sevigne', Mary De Rabutin, Lady De Chantal And Bourbilly, And Marchioness De was the only daughter of Celse Benigne de Rabutin

Died: Snell, Willebrod mathematician (?–1626)

Died: Theophile poet

Died: Thorius, Raphael whether of the same family with the preceding we know not

“The Golden Fleece,” Vaughan, William poet

“Eadem concio,” Ward, Samuel master of Sidney-Sussex college

“Archiepiscoporum Cassiliensium et Tuamensium Vitae, duobis expressae commentariolis,” Ware, James antiquary

“Fasti Danici,” Wormius, Olaus physician

“An answer to a book, entitled Appello Coesarem, written by Mr. Richard Mountague,” Wotton, Anthony ranked by Fuller among the learned writers of JCing’s-college (15611626)

“The art of Logick,” Wotton, Anthony ranked by Fuller among the learned writers of JCing’s-college (15611626)


“A narrative containing the true cause of his sequestration and disgrace at Court: in two parts, written at Ford in Kent,” Abbot, George archbishop (?–1633)

“Laurifolia, sive poematum juvenilium apparatus,” Alard, Lambert was born at Krempen in 1600

Born: Arnold, Christopher writer

Born: Bagshaw, William a nonconformist minister

Died: Balbuena, Bernard De poet

Born: Becker, Daniel was born at Konigsberg in 1627

Died: Bennet, Sir John knt. grandfather to the preceding

Born: Beregani, Nicholas, Count an Italian author of the seventeenth century

Born: Bering, Vitus poet

“Abstract and Epitome of the Bible.” Bernard, Richard divine

“De jure eligendi reges et principes,” Bernegger, Matthias who was born Feb. 8

Died: Beyerlinck, Laurence a voluminous author

Born: Binning, Hugh divine

“Nouvelles heroiques,” Boisrobert, François Metel De of the French academy

“Cistercii reflorescentis Historia,” Bona, John cardinal

“Syndromus rerum Turcico-Pannonicarum,” Bonfinius, Anthony historian

“De Romanae Historian Scriptoribus excerpta ex Bodino, Vossio et aliis,” Bonifacio, Balthasar lawyer

Born: Bossuet, James bishop

Died: Boyd, Robert divine

“The baiting of the Pope’s Bull,” Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

“Achitophel or the picture of a wicked Politician, in three parts,” Carpenter, Nathaniel clergyman

Died: Carpenter, Richard confounded by Langbaine with the former

“De Formato Fcetu,” Casserius, Julius anatomist

Died: Cesi, Bartholomew artist

“Dispensatorium pharmacorum omnium,” Cordus, Valerius and worthy of his father

“Collection of Private Devotions,” Cosin, John prelate

Born: Cousin, Lewis president of the Mint

“Apocalypsis S. Joanna Syriace ex manuscripto exemplari bibliothecce Jos. Scaligeri edita, &c.” Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

Born: Estrades, Godfrey, Count D' marshal of France

“Concio Latina ad Baccalaureos die cinerum in Coloss. ii. 8.” Fell, Samuel, D. D. divine

“De Veterum acclamationibus et plausu libri septem,” Ferrari, Francis Bernardine of the same family with the former

“Of Law, or a Discourse thereof,” Finch, Henry of the family of the lord keeper

Born: Fisher, Edward supposed by Wood to be the son of sir Edward Fisher

Born: Flavel, John divine

Born: Gadbury, John one of the astrological impostors of the seventeenth century

Born: Galle, Servatius writer

Died: Germon, Anastasius lawyer

Born: Gregory, David was born in 1627 or 1628

“An Apology or Declaration of the Power and Providence of God in the Government of the World, proving that it doth not decay, &c.” Hakewill, George divine

Born: Hall, John poet

Died: Hayward, Sir John historian

“Index librorum prohibitorum a pontificiis, Oxford,” James, Thomas critic

“Moral Dissertations” Libanius a celebrated sophist of antiquity

Born: Littleton, Adam scholar

Born: Lloyd, William bishop

“Annales Ordinis Praedicatorum,” Malvenda, Thomas Dominican

“Letters,” Marini, John Baptist poet

“Clavis Apocalyptica ex innatis & insitis visionum characteribus eruta et demonstrata,” Mede, Joseph divine

Born: Milner, John divine

Born: Molinos, Michael a Spanish priest

“Avis pour dresser une Bibliotheque,” Naudé, Gabriel writer

“The Poem of Musseus upon the Loves of Hero and Leander, with notes,” Pareus, Daniel trod in the steps of his father

“Oratio pro linguæ Arabicæ professione, publice ad academicos habita in Schola Theologica universitatis Oxon. 25 Oct. 1626,” Pasor, Matthias the son of George Pasor

“Opus de doctrina Temporum,” Petau, Denis was born at Orleans Aug. 21

“Purchas his Pilgrim or Microcosmos, or The Historie of Man,” Purchas, Samuel divine

“Martial,” Raderus, Matthew Jesuit

“Gandavium, sive rerum Gandavensium libri sex,” Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

“De claris sanctitate et eruditione Antoniis,” Sanderus, Anthony antiquary

Died: Savary, Francis seigneur de Breves

“Doctrinæ Triangulorum Canonicæ,” Snell, Willebrod mathematician (?–1626)

“Tobacco,” Thorius, Raphael whether of the same family with the preceding we know not

Died: Twysden, Sir Roger the second baronet of the family

Died: Wentworth, Thomas the supposed author of a law work of great reputation and authority

Born: Werenfels, Samuel divine

“Sermons;” Wren, Matthew bishop


“De Pestis cognitione, praevisione, et remediis,” Ader, William physician

“Græcia in nuce, seu lexicon novurn omnium Græcae lingua primogeniarum,” Alard, Lambert was born at Krempen in 1600

Died: Allibond, Peter was born in 1560 at Wardenton

“Anti-barbarus Biblicus,” Amama, Sixtinus professor of the Hebrew tongue in the university of Franeker

“Aci,” Andreas, Onuphrius poet

“A volume of Sermons,” Andrews, Lancelot divine

Born: Artalis, Joseph poet

“Observationes ad Joannis Papon is arresta” Bachovius, Reiner lawyer

“Systema physicum,” Bartholine, Caspar physician

Died: Beaumont, Sir John poet

Born: Blankof, John Teunisz painter

Born: Bouhours, Dominick critic

“Tractatus quidam logici de praedicabilibus et proedicamentis,” Brerewood, Edward antiquary

Born: Bunyan, John author of the justly-admired allegory of the “Pilgrim’s Progress

“Pilgrim’s Progress,” Bunyan, John author of the justly-admired allegory of the “Pilgrim’s Progress

“A Tryal of private Devotions, or a Dyal for the Hours of Prayer,” Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

“Israel’s Fast; or, Meditations on the 7th Chapter of Joshua,” Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

“Seven Vials, or an Exposition on the loth and 16th Chapters of the Revelations,” Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

Died: Carew, George brother to Richard

“A joynt Attestation, avowing that the Discipline of the Church of England was not impeached by the Synod of Dort,” Carleton, George bishop

Died: Carpenter, Nathaniel clergyman

Born: Charnock, Stephen son of Richard Charnock an. attorney

“De tribus novis stellis, quse annis 1572, 1600, et 1604, comparuere,” Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Born: Cignani, Carlo artist

Died: Denison, John divine

“Grammatica trilinguis, Hebraica, Syriaca, et Chaldaica,” Dieu, Lewis De protestant minister of Leyden

Died: Doddridge, Sin John lawyer

“Poetica Hebraica,” Ebertus, Theodore a learned* professor at Francfort upon Oder

“Elogia Jurisconsultorum et politicorum centum illustrium, qui Sanctam Hebraeam Linguam aliasque ejus propagines orientales propagarunt, auxerunt, promoverunt,” Ebertus, Theodore a learned* professor at Francfort upon Oder

“Institutio* ling. Syriacae,” Ecchellensis, Abraham a learned Maronite of the seventeenth century

“Exercitationes duae de tempore humani partus et de numero puerperii,” Fabrot, Charles Annibal lawyer

“Epitome de las historias Portuguesas, desde il diluyio hasta el anno 1628,” Faria De Sousa, Emanuel one of the most celebrated historians and poets of his nation in the seventeenth century

Born: Foscarini, Michael historian

Born: Gale, Theophilus divine

Born: Gerberon, Gabriel writer

“Tractatus de Polypo Narium affectu gravissimo,” Glandorp, Matthias physician

Died: Goulart, Simon divine

“De Officiis domtis Augustae, publicse et privates,” Gouthier, James in Latin Gu­Theriusi

Died: Greville, Fulk lord Brooke

Born: Grew, Nehemiah anatomist

Born: Herbst, John Andreas musician (?–1660)

Died: Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“Translation of Thucydides,” Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

“Exposition of the Lord’s Prayer,” King, Henry bishop

Born: Lambecius, Peter writer

Born: Lancrinck, Prosper Henry artist

Died: Ley, Sir James lawyer

“Tractatus de dente aureo,” Lid Del, Duncan professor of mathematics

Born: Luxembourg, Francis Henry De Montmorenci, Duke Of a very celebrated general and mareschal of France

“A Collection of Latin Speeches,” Majoragius, Mark Antony so named from a village in the territory of Milan

Born: Malpighi, Marcellus physician and anatomist

Died: Malvenda, Thomas Dominican

“An Abridgement of the Roman History, from Julius Caesar to Constantine the Great,” Metochita, Theodore of Constantinople

“Isaiah,” Oleaster, Jerome Dominican

“Arithmetics in numeris et speciebus institutio, quae turn logisticae turn analytics, atque totius mathematics clavis est.” Oughtred, William divine

“The unmasking of all popish monks, friars, and Jesuits; or, a treatise of their genealogy, beginnings, proceedings, and present state,” Owen, Lewis writer

Died: Palma, Jacob the Young

Born: Papenbroch, Daniel a native of Antwerp

Born: Perrault, Charles was born at Paris

Died: Preston, John divine

“Bavaria Pia,” Raderus, Matthew Jesuit

Born: Ray, John philosopher

Died: Sanchez, Gaspar Jesuit

“Synopsis Criticorum.” Sanchez, Gaspar Jesuit

Born: Santeul, Claude born Feb. 3

“The Mystery of Godliness,” Sparke, Thomas divine

“Athenæ Belgicse,” Swert, Francis antiquary

Born: Temple, Sir William statesman

“Directions for a godly life, especially for communicating at the Lord’s Tahle,” Tozer, Henry divine

“Tract of the sovereign judge of controversies,” Verneuil, John a French refugee

“De prttsulibus Lageniae, sive provincise Dubliniensis, lib. unus,” Ware, James antiquary

“Disquisitiones de Hibernia.” Ware, James antiquary

“Parentatid Historica: sive, Commemoratio vitae et mortis V. C. Guliel. Camdeni Clarentii, facta Oxonise irt Schola Historicæ 12 Nov. 1626,” Wheare, Degory Camdenian professor of history at Oxford (?–1647)

“Dedicatio Imaginis Camdenianse in Schola Historica, 12 Nov. 1626,” Wheare, Degory Camdenian professor of history at Oxford (?–1647)


“De situ Daniae et reliquarum trans Daniam regionum natura,” Adam Of Bremen so called because he was a canon of that church

“De Anima Vegetativa,” Ager, Nicholas professor of medicine and botany at Strasbourg

Died: Agostino, Paul of Valerano

“Difesa dell' Adone, poema del Cavalier Marino,” Aleander, Jerome called the younger

“Eustathius Antiochenus in hexameron, et de Engastrimytho,” Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

Born: Ameline, Claude a French ecclesiastic

“Antisynodalia,” Ames, William divine (15761633)

Died: Andrews, Lancelot divine

“Epistola ad Hippolytum a collibus.” Arminius, James founder of the sect of Arminians (15601609)

Born: Arnu, Nicholas was born at Merancourt

Died: Atkyns, Richard a typographical author

Born: Bagshaw, Edward was born at Broughton in Northamptonshire

“Carmen panegyricum Henrico Ottoni Fuggero vellere aureo donate,” Balde, James poet

Died: Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

“A commentary, or exposition on the third chapter of Amos, &c.” Benefield, Sebastian divine

“Le point du Jour, ou Traite du Commencement des Jours et de l'endroit ou il est etabli sur la terre,” Bergier, Nicolas

Died: Bertius, Peter cosmographer and historiographer to Louis XIII. of France

Died: Besler, Basil botanist

Born: Beverini, Bartholomew a learned Italian of the seventeenth century

“Rhetoric,” Beumler, Mark a learned minister of the reformed church

Born: Bois, Gerard Du of the Oratory

“Histoire Indienne d‘Anaxandre et d’Orasie;” Boisrobert, François Metel De of the French academy

Died: Bollandus, John Jesuit

“Poemata,” Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Died: Brandmuller, James was born in 1565

“Tomus alter et idem; or the History of the life and reign of that famous princess Elizabeth, &c.” Browne, Thomas clergyman

“Truth’s Triumph over Trent, or the great Gulph between Sion and Babylon,” Burton, Henry was born at Birsall in Yorkshire

“The Life of Bernard Gilpin, a man most holy and renowned amongthe Northerne English,” Carleton, George bishop

Died: Castelli, Bernard painter

“De Virginitate,” Cerrati, Paul lawyer

Born: Commelin, John botanist

Born: Conti, Armand De Bourbon prince of

“Poematum libri tres,” Curtius, Cornelius a native of Brussels

“The Lawyer’s Light; or, due direction for the study of the Law,” Doddridge, Sin John lawyer

Died: Duret, Louis born of a noble family at Beaug6-laville

Born: Edwards, Jonathan divine

“Florilcgium Epigrammatum Graecorum, eorumque Latino versu a variis redditorum,” Farnabie, Thomas a learned grammarian

Died: Field, Richard divine

“Pro sua de anijnatione fcetds tertia die opinione Apologia, adversus Antonium Ponce Santa Cruz, Regis Hispaniarmn Medicum Cubicularem, &c.” Fienus, Thomas physician

“Sophias cum Moria certamen, in quo lapis Lydius, a falso structore Patre Marino Mersenno Monacho reprobatus, celeberrima voluminis sui Babylonici in Genesim figmenta accuratæ examinat.” Fludd, Robert philosopher

“Summum Bonorum, quod est verum Magiae, Cabalae, Alchymije, Fratrum Roseug Crucis Verorum, subjectum: in dictarum scientiarum laudem, in insignis calumniatoris Fr. Mar. Mersenni dedecus publicatum, per Joachim. Frizium,” Fludd, Robert philosopher

“Notes on the Treatise of an anonymous Rabbi, concerning the life and death of Moses,” Gaulmin, Gilbert a French minor author

“History of the Inquisition,” Gentilis, Robert but unworthy of him

Born: Gerbais, John a learned French ecclesiastic

Born: Gibbon, John writer

Born: Giordano, Luca artist

Died: Goff, Thomas divine

Died: Goulu, John writer

Born: Heath, James historian

Born: Heywood, Oliver divine

“Obsidio Bredana, sub Ambrosio Spinola,” Hugo, Herman Jesuit

Born: Huygens, Christian mathematician

“Libri Ebraeo Rabbinici in Bib. Bodleiana recensiti,” Jacob, Henry was born either in 1606 or 1607

“Sermon concerning the Eucharist, delivered on Easter- Day, in Oxford, on Matth. xxvi. ver. 26, 27, 28,” James, Richard was born at Newport

“History of the Council of Trent,” Jewel, John prelate

“Rodolphine Tables;” Kepler, John the greatest astronomer perhaps that any age has produced (?–1630)

“Essays on the Restitution of Astronomy,” Lansberg, Philip mathematician

Born: Leake, Richard master-gunner of England

Died: Lemos, Thomas De Dominican

“Erubhirn, or Miscellanies Christian and Judaical,” Lightfoot, John divine

Died: Matthew, Tobias prelate

Born: Mead, Matthew divine

“Marty rologium San m ordinis S. Benedicti,” Menard, Nicholas Hugues writer

Died: Nostradamus, Michel physician

“Speculum Jesuiticum, or the Jesuit’s Looking-glass; wherein they may behold Ignatius (their patron) his progress, their own pilgrimage,” Owen, Lewis writer

“Europe Speculum.” Owen, Lewis writer

“Paradisi in Sole Paradisus terrestris, or a choice Garden of all sorts of Rarest Flowers, &c.; to which is annexed a Kitchen Garden,” Parkinson, John a celebrated old herbalist

Died: Paruta, Philip antiquary

“Treatise on the Covenant,” Preston, John divine

Died: Rosweide, Heribert antiquary

“Pliniani exercitationes in Caii Julii Solini Polyhist.” Salmasius, Claude one of the most learned men of the seventeenth century

Died: Sandys, Sir Edwin was born in Worcestershire about 1561

Died: Schott, Andrew a very learned German

“The Essex Dove, presenting the world with a few of her olive-branches, or a taste of the works of the rev. John Smith, &c. delivered in three treatises, &c.” Smith, John divine

Died: Speed, John historian

Died: Stephanus, Robert the third of that name

Died: Stephanus, Paul son of the second Henry

Died: Swert, Francis antiquary

“The True Church shewed to all men that desire to be members of the same in six books, containing the whole body of divinity,” Williams, Griffith bishop

Born: Wren, Matthew was born Aug. 20 (?–1672)

“Elementa jurisprudent, definitionibus, regulis, et sententiisselectioribus juris civilis illustrata,” Zouch, Richard an eminent civilian (1590–?)