Carrenno De Miranda, Don Juan

, an eminent Spanish painter, descended from an ancient family, was born at Aviles, in 1614; and learnt the elements of art at Madrid, in the school of Pedro de las Cuevas. He afterwards finished his studies with such success under Bartolome Roman, that he was soon considered as one of the best Spanish painters, and charged with decorating some apartments of the royal palace in frescos, which pleased Philip IV. so much, that he nominated him painter to the court, about 1651. In society with Francisco Rizi, he acquired a surprising facility of execution; hu design is tolerably correct, his colour brilliant and seducing; it resembles the tones of Vandyke; his conception was vigorous, and his composition rich. Madrid, Toledo, Alcala de Henares, and Pamplona, possess the best of Miranda’s works; the patronage of Philip IV. was continued to him by Charles II., and he died at the head of a large school, about 1685. 2


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