Chaloner, Thomas

, younger brother to the preceding Edward, was also sent to Oxford, and spent some time there at Exeter college, after which he went abroad, and having travelled through France and Italy, returned home a very well- accomplished gentleman, being much distinguished for the vivacity of his wit, and his extensive knowledge in all kind of polite literature: but having contracted a dislike to the royal family, on the score of the alum mines, of which his father had been deprived, he joined the malcontents, and being elected member for Aldborough in the county of York, became an active member of the Long Parliament. He sat as one of the king’s judges, and was elected one of the members of the council of state. Upon a prospect of the king’s return he . | printed a paper, entitled “A Speech, containing a Plea for Monarchy,” in which he hinted at some limitations and restrictions. He soon after thought fit to retire to Holland, and was excepted out of the Act of Oblivion, and very soon after died at Middleburg in Zealand. 1


Ath. Ox. vol. I.