Chauveau, Rene

, son of the foregoing, was born in 1663, and followed the footsteps of his father. Like him, he had an admirable facility in inventing subjects and in embellishing them, and a variety and ingenious turn in the disposition of his figures; but he particularly distinguished himself as a sculptor. He worked for Louis XIV. and for several foreign princes. The marquis de Torci was the last that employed him, at his chateau de Sable. This nobleman having asked him what wages he would have by the day? Chauveau, provoked at the question, which he thought degrading, abruptly quitted both his work and employer, and came to Paris, where he died in 1722, at the age of fifty-nine, from the fatigue of the journey, in addition to the vexation he suffered from having changed his money into bank notes. 2