Chausse, Michael Angelo De La

, a learned antiquary of Paris in the last century, went early in life to Rome for the sake of studying antiquities and the same taste that had led him to that famous city induced him to remain there. His “Musaeum Romanum,Rome, 1690, fol. and augmented to 2 vols. fol. in 1746, evinced the success of his application. This valuable collection comprises a numerous succession of antique gems, which had never before been given by impression to the public, | engraved on two hundred and eighteen plates. It has gone through several editions. Graevius inserted part of it in his “Thesaurus Antiq. Romanorum.” The same author published at Rome a collection of engraved gems, entitled “Gemme antiche figurate,Rome, 1700, 4to; and “Auxeus Constantini nummus, &c. explicatus,Rome, 1703, 4to. His last publication was “Le Pitture antiche delle Grotte di Roma e del Sepolcro di Nasoni, &c.” the plates by Pietro Santo and Bartoli, Rome, 1706, foi. These different works present a great stock of erudition and sagacity, and are much consulted by the curious we have no account of the author’s death. 1