Donde, James

, a famous physician of Padua, surnamed Aggregator, on account of the great quantity of remedies he had made, was not less versed in mathematics than in medicine. He invented a clock of a new construction, which shewed not only the hours of the day and night, the days of the month, and the festivals of the year, but also the annual course of the sun, and that of the moon. The success of this invention got him the appellation of Horologius, a name ever afterwards retained hy the family. It was likewise Dondus who first found out the secret of making salt from the waters of Albano, in the Pacluan, which is described in a posthumous treatise, “De fluxu et refluxu Maris,1571. He died in 1350, leaving several works in physics and medicine. We have by him: “Promptuarium medicinae,Venice, 1481, folio; and in company with John de Dondis, his son, “De fontibus calidis Patavini agri,” in a treatise “De Balneis,Venice, 1553, folio. 1


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