Dryander, John

, whose real name was Eichmens, was born at Wetterau, in Hesse, but received his education in France, and took his degree of doctor at Mentz. He went thence to Marpurg, where he was engaged in teaching anatomy for twenty-four years; viz. from 1536 to 1560, when he died. He was of the protestant religion. His works are, “Anatomise pars prior, in qua membra ad caput spectantia, recensentur, et delineantur,” Marpurg, 1537, 4to. He first observed several distinctions, before unnoticed, between the medullary and cortical part of the brain, and he saw the olfactory nerves, which he miscalls the optic nerves. In 1541 he published “Anatomia Mundini ad vetustissimorum aliquot manuscriptorum codicum fidern collata,” 4to, with notes, in which he frequently corrects the errors of his author, and for which he is deservedly placed by Haller among the restorers and improvers of anatomy. He is also mentioned with honour in the Bib. Anat. of Douglas. 3


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