Events noted in 1530

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1520 1540


Publication: “the lady Marie’s chaplain.” by Able, Thomas divine

Publication: “Of the Vanity of the Sciences,” by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Publication: “Encomium Historiae,” by Alciati, Andrew lawyer

Publication: “Opus Epistolarum Petri Martyris Anglerii, Mediolanensis,” by Anghiera, Peter Martyr D' scholar

Born: Arantius, Julius Cæesar anatomist

Born: Attendolo, Darius a military character

Born: Auger, Edmund Jesuit

Born: Backer, James painter

Publication: “De compositione et usu Decretorii Pianetardm,” by Baersius, Henry a learned printer at Louvain

Publication: “Dialogi ad profligandam e scholis barbariem,” by Barland, Adrian writer

Born: Belleforest, Francis De a French historical compiler

Publication: “Odarum libri tres, et epigrammatum liber unus,” by Beroaldo, Philip the younger

Born: Bodin, John lawyer

Born: Boethie, Stephen De La of Sarlat

Publication: “Catalogus illustrium Medicorum,” by Brunsfels, Otho physician

Publication: “Herbarum vivae icones, ad naturae imitationem, summa cum diligentia *et artificioefficiatae, cum effectibus earundem,” by Brunsfels, Otho physician

Born: Cagliari, Paul artist

Born: Calfhill, James divine

Died: Ceratinus, James whose family name was Teyng

Born: Chambers, David historian

Born: Chytræus, David whose family name was Kochhafe

Born: Cooke, Katherine the fourth daughter of sir Anthony Cooke

Born: Cousin, John artist

Born: Daneau, Lambert divine

Born: Dawes, Lancelot divine

Died: Dolet, Stephen writer

Born: Dudley, Ambrose son of John duke of Northumberland

Died: Dunbar, William poet

Born: Erizzo, Sebastian writer

Publication: “The Spiritual Nosegay.” by Fjsh, Simon a man who deserves some notice on account of his zeal for the reformation

Publication: “De investigatione perfect! Magisterii,” by Geber, John astronomer

Died: Jocondus, John antiquary

Born: Killigrew an English name for many ingenious persons of both sexes

Publication: “Complaynt” by Lindsay, Sir David poet

Publication: “You, JNlelancthon, cannot bear these disorders, and labour to have things transacted by reason, and agreeable to that spirit of calmness and moderation which your philosophy dictates. You might as well attempt to be mad with reason. Do not you see that the matter is entirely out of your power and management, and that even Christ himself forbids your measures to take place?” by Luther, Martin divine (?–1546)

Born: Melvil, Sir James historian

Born: Mercurialis, Jerome physician

Publication: “De Arte Navigandi, libri duo,” by Nonius, Peter mathematician

Publication: “L'Eclaircissement de la Language Fran9ois,” by Palsgrave, John scholar

Publication: “Perutilis Tractatus; sive explanatio quorundam capitulorum valde necessaria,” by Parkins, John one of our early law-writers

Died: Parmentiek, John poet

Born: Pena, John mathematician

Born: Pigna, John Baptist historian

Died: Ponte, Francis Da one of a family of artists

Born: Saa, Emanuel Jesuit

Born: Simler, Josias divine

Born: Stephanus, Robert the second of that name

Born: Turbervile, George poet

Born: Vignier, Nicholas physician

Born: Whitgift, John archbishop


Publication: “Osco, Volsco, Romanaque eloquentia interlocutoribus, dialogus ludis Romanis actus, &c.” by Accorso, Mariangelus a native of Aquila

Publication: “De Occulta philosophia, libri tres,” by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Publication: “Abbatia Spiritns sancti in pura conscientia, fundata,” by Alcock, John bishop

Born: Ammirato, Scipio historian

Publication: “Jani Anysii Pomata et Satyrae, ad Pompeium Columnam cardinalem,” by Anysius, Janus poet

Died: Batmanson, John divine

Born: Bertram, Cornelius Bonaventure minister

Publication: “Germani Brixii, gratulatoriae quatuor ad totidem viros classissimos, &c.” by Brixius, Germain a learned Frenchman

Born: Brucæus, Henry son of Gerard

Publication: “De Urbibus, Arcibus, Castellisque condendis & muniendis,” by Durer, Albert engraver

Publication: “Methodus apti et ponderosi generis dicendi.” by Hermogenes of Tarsus

Died: Kydermynster, Richard antiquary

Publication: “Flandricarum rerutn decas,” by Meyer, James historian

Born: Morin, Peter critic

Born: Noue, Francis De La surnamed Bras de Fer

Publication: “De rebus Gothorum,” by Peutinger, Conrad scholar

Born: Popham, Sir John lawyer

Publication: “Newe addicions treating most specially of the power of the Parlyament concernynge the Spiritualitie and the Spiritual Jurisdiction,” by St. German, Christopher lawyer

Born: Sambucus, John physician

Born: Saravia, Hadrian A of Spanish extraction

Died: Stoefler, John mathematician

Died: Tomeo, Nicolo Leonico scholar

Born: Turner, William divine

Died: Valerianus, Pierius an ingenious and learned Italian (?–1538)

Publication: “Pro Sacerdotum barbis defensio,” by Valerianus, Pierius an ingenious and learned Italian (?–1538)

Born: Valerio, Augustine prelate

Born: Vatablus, Francis, scholar


Publication: “De bello a Christianis contra Barbaros gesto, pro Christi sepulchre et Judaea recuperandis, libri quatuor,” by Accolti, Benedetto historian

Died: Accolti, Peter historian

Publication: “Antigone,” by Alamanni, Luigi poet (14751556)

Born: Alan, William cardinal

Publication: “Satyrae ad Pompeiurn Columnam cardinalem,” by Anysius, Janus poet

Publication: “Numerandi per digitos rnanusque veterum consuetudines,” by Aventin, John author of the Annals ofBavaria

Born: Baldwin, William according to Wood

Born: Bayf, John Anthony De La Neuville the natural son of the subject of the next article

Born: Dudley, Robert baron of Denbigh

Publication: “De Symmetria Partium in rectis formis Humanorum Corporum,” by Durer, Albert engraver

Publication: “Institutiones Geometries,” by Durer, Albert engraver

Died: Everard, Nicholas lawyer

Publication: “De naturali parte Medicinsr, libri septem,” by Fernel, John Francis physician

Born: Filippi, Bastiano of Ferrara

Publication: “Germanise Inferioris Historic,” by Geldenhaur, Gerard Eobanus divine

Died: Giles, Of Viterbo a learned general of the Augustines

Died: Hyperius, Gerard Andrew divine

Born: Jodelle, Stephen poet

Died: Lily, William an eminent English grammarian (?–1523)

Publication: “De dignitate et excellentia hominis,” by Manetti, Giannozzo scholar

Born: Menochius, James a native of Pavia

Publication: “L'Istorie de Firenze, dal 1494 sino al 1531,” by Nardi, James historian

Publication: “Joannis Damasceni libellus de his, qui in fide dormierunt, ex Gr. in Lat. versus,” by Nogarola, Lewis a learned Italian

Born: Sutton, Thomas founder of the Charter-bouse school and hospital

Born: Tolet, Francis cardinal

Publication: “Castigationes Virgilianae iectionis,” by Valerianus, Pierius an ingenious and learned Italian (?–1538)

Born: Xylander, William a German of great abilities and learning


Born: Adriani, Marcel born in 1533

Born: Adrichomius, Christian a geographer of considerable note

Died: Ægidius, Peter lawyer

Publication: “Commentariain arteni brevem Raymundi Lulli,” by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Born: Agylæus, Henry lawyer

Publication: “Xenophon’s Cyrus,” by Amaseo, Romulus the son of Gregory Amaseo

Born: Angosciola, Sophonisba an eminent Italian paintress

Publication: “Opera omnia in unum collecta,” by Benedictus, Alexander physician

Publication: “De jurisprudentia vetere ac novitia oratio,” by Berauld, Nicholas was born at Orleans in 1475

Born: Brandmuller, John the eldest of a family who have made some figure in Swisserland

Publication: “De Astrolabii compositione,” by Bronchorst, John of Nimeguen

Born: Casel, John divine

Born: Dudith, Andrew prelate

Born: Elizabeth queen

Died: Enghelbrechtsen, Cornelius painter

Born: Ercilla Y Zuniga, Don Alonzo D' poet

Publication: “Oratio de Bello Turcis inferendo et historia de his qu;r a Venetis tentata snnt, Persis ac Tartaris contra Turcos inovendis,” by Esperiente, Philip Callimachus historian

Died: Fox, Edward statesman

Publication: “His Astronomy, or demonstrative work of Astrology” by Geber, John astronomer

Publication: “Historia Batavica, cum appendice de vetusta Batavorum nobilitate,” by Geldenhaur, Gerard Eobanus divine

Publication: “De vi et natura Animalium,” by Gilles, Peter scholar

Born: Grevin, James poet and physician

Publication: “Euclid,” by Grynæus, Simon a very learned German

Publication: “De immensa Dei misericordia,” by Hervet, Gentian a learned Frenchman

Publication: “A Play between Johan the husband, Tyb the wife, and sir Johan the priest,” by Heywood, John one of the oldest English dramatic writers

Publication: “A merry Play between the Pardoner and the Friar, the Curate and Neighbour Prat,” by Heywood, John one of the oldest English dramatic writers

Publication: “A Play of Love,” by Heywood, John one of the oldest English dramatic writers

Died: Jacobs, Lucas commonly called Lucas Van Leyden

Born: Leunclavius, John a native of Amelbrun in Westphalia

Publication: “Christ. Longolii Orationes, Epistolcc, et Vita, necnon Bembi et Sadoleti epistolse,” by Longueil, Christopher De scholar

Publication: “Lexicon Graeco-Latinum,” by Longueil, Gilbert physician

Publication: “Le Miroir de l'Ame pecheresse,” by Margaret Of Valois queen (?–1549)

Born: Montaigne, Michael De an eminent French

Died: Parrhasius, Aulus Janus an eminent grammarian in Italy

Born: Pinelli, John Vincent an Italian nobleman

Publication: “Tacitus,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Publication: “An Apologye made by him, anno 1533, after he had gevhi over th' office of lord chancellor of Englande,” by St. German, Christopher lawyer

Publication: “Salem and Bizance, being a dialogue between two Englishmen, one called Salem, and the other Bizance,” by St. German, Christopher lawyer

Publication: “Debellation of Salem and Bizance,” by St. German, Christopher lawyer

Publication: “De Republica Anglorum, or the Manner of government or police of the kingdom of England,” by Smith, Sir Thomas statesman (?–1577)

Publication: “Flowers for Latin speaking, selected and gathered out of Terence, and the same translated into English,” by Udal, Nicholas an eminent schoolmaster of the sixteenth century

Publication: “History of England,” by Vergil, Polydore writer

Died: Wyat, Sir Thomas poet

Born: Zabarella, James born Sept. 5


Publication: “Commentarius-buper tres libros Feudorum,” by Afflitto, Matthew lawyer

Publication: “I Riali di Francia,” by Altissimo poet

Born: Aubert, William sieur de Massouignes

Died: Aventin, John author of the Annals ofBavaria

Publication: “De compositione et usu Quadrantis,” by Baersius, Henry a learned printer at Louvain

Publication: “Dialogus quo rationes explicantur quibus dicendi ex tempore facultas parari potest, &c.” by Berauld, Nicholas was born at Orleans in 1475

Born: Camerarius, Joachim was born at Nuremberg

Publication: “Monition to a godly Life,” by Colet, Dr. John divine (14661519)

Publication: “Botanologicon, sive Colloquium de Herbis,” by Cordus, Euricius called by Melchior Adam

Died: Coronel, Paul a Spanish ecclesiastic

Born: Crowley, Robert divine and poet

Publication: “S. Doleti orationes diue in Tholosam; ejusdem epistolarum hbri duo; ejusdem canninum libri duo; ad eundem epistolarum amicorum liber,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Born: Ethryg, George or

Publication: “The New Natura Brevium,” by Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony lawyer

Publication: “The Book of Husbandry, very profitable and necessary for all persons,” by Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony lawyer

Publication: “De vera differentia Regiee Potestatis et Ecclesiastics, et quae sit ipsa veritas et virtus utriusque,” by Fox, Edward statesman

Born: Fresnaye, John Vauquelin De La poet

Born: Garnier, Robert poet

Born: Gifanius, Hubertus critic

Publication: “Monardo the Tritameron of Love,” by Greene, Robert poet

Born: Harpsfeld, John dean

Born: Heere, Lucas De painter

Publication: “On the unity and schism of the ancient church,” by Joy, John one of the early promoters of the reformation

Publication: “The subversion of More V false foundation,” by Joy, John one of the early promoters of the reformation

Born: Maldonat, John Jesuit

Died: Martens, Thierry an eminent printer

Born: Passerat, John a celebrated professor of eloquence in the royal college at Paris

Born: Philpot, John divine

Publication: “De immortalitate” by Pomponatius, Peter a modern Aristotelian

Born: Possevin, Antony Jesuit

Born: Rhese, John David philologist

Born: Sadeel, Anthony one of the promoters of the reformation

Publication: “Accidentia Stanbridge,” by Stanbridge, John an eminent schoolmaster (14631525)

Publication: “Themistii Orationes,” by Trincavelli, Victor physician

Publication: “Joannes Grammaticus Philoponus,” by Trincavelli, Victor physician

Born: Ursinus, Zachary one of the most celebrated Protestant divines of the 16th century


Publication: “Lecturæ super consuetudinibus Neapolitani Siciliaeque regni,” by Afflitto, Matthew lawyer

Publication: “Orationes deceni: de dplici coronatione Carol! V. apud Bononiam; Ejusd. Epigram, &c.” by Agrippa, Henry Cornelius a man of considerable learning (?–1535)

Born: Allori, Alexander called Bronzing

Publication: “Sylva Biblicorum nominum,” by Althamerus, Andrew a celebrated Lutheran minister at Nuremberg

Publication: “Methodica dialectices ratio, adjurisprudentiam accommodata,” by Apel, John lawyer

Died: Arsenius archbishop

Died: Balbi, John Dominican

Publication: “Fasciculus rerum Expetendarum et Fugiendarum,” by Bennon writer

Died: Berni, Francis called by some writers Berna or Bernia

Born: Billi, James De was born at Guise in Picardy

Born: Butler, William one of the greatest physicians

Born: Cartwright, Thomas divine

Publication: “Jus Feudale,” by Craig, Sir Thomas was born at Edinburgh in 1548

Publication: “Cinque priini canti del Sacripante,” by Dolce, Lewis writer

Publication: “Dialogus de imitutione Ciceroniana, adversus Desiderium Erasmum pro Christophoro Longolio,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Died: Driedo, John in low Dutch Dridoens

Died: Duprat, Anthony cardinal

Publication: “Fasciculus rerum expetendarum et fugiendarum,” by Gratius, Ortuinus a native of Holhwic in the diocese of Minister

Born: Haillan, Bernard De Girard, Lord Of historian

Died: Lascaris, John called Rhyndacenus

Born: Meteren, Emanuel De historian

Publication: “Observationes in Ciceronem,” by Nizolius, Marius scholar

Publication: “La Historia general y natural de las Indias Occidentales,” by Oviedo, John Gonsales D' in Spanish Gonçalo Hermandez de Oviedo Y Valdes

Born: Rapin, Nicholas poet

Publication: “Livii decades tres,” by Rhenanus, Beatus scholar

Publication: “Opera omnia Latina,” by Sannazarius, James vernacularly Giacomo Sannazaro

Born: Stapleton, Thomas a celebrated controversialist on the side of the papists

Publication: “De re vesiiaria, de vasculis ex Bayfio excerpt.” by Stephanus, Charles and third son of Henry

Publication: “Epicteti Enchiridion, cum Arriaiii comment,” by Trincavelli, Victor physician

Born: Woolton, John bishop (?–1594)


Publication: “Deir Istoria de' suoi tempi,” by Adriani, John Baptist was born in 1513

Publication: “Anti-Claudianus, seu de viro optimo, et in omni virtute perfecto, lib. ix. Carmine,” by Alanus De Insulis surnamed the Universal Doctor

Publication: “Gr. Venice” by Alexander Aphrodiseus one of the most celebrated followers of Aristotle

Publication: “Secrets,” by Alexis a Piedmontese

Publication: “Exegemata in priores duos Dioscoridis de materia medica libros,” by Amatus, John Roderigo Amato physician

Publication: “Protogenos,” by Anysius, Janus poet

Died: Apel, John lawyer

Born: Ayrault, Peter in Latin Ærodius

Born: Bilson, Thomas writer

Publication: “Ad Petrum Histrium dialogoruni Libri,” by Bruni, Leonard historian

Publication: “De malo recentiorurn medicorum medendi usu,” by Cardan, Jerom physician

Born: Cort, Cornelius engraver

Publication: “A faithful and true Prognostication upon the Year 1548, &c.” by Coverdale, Miles bishop (?–1568)

Died: Decius, Philip a jurist

Publication: “Commentariorum linguce Latinse tomi duo,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Born: Dresserus, Matthew a learned German

Publication: “Opera S. Dionysii quatuor in Latinam linguam conversa,” by Erigena, John Scotus scholar

Publication: “Virorum qui superiori nostroque steculo eruditione et doctrina illustres atque memorabiles fuerunt, Vitae,” by Fichard, John lawyer

Publication: “History of the Reformation.” by Fox, Edward statesman

Publication: “A treatise behoovefull as well to preserve the people from pestilence, as to help and recover them, &c.” by Gibson, Thomas a native of Morpeth in Northumberland

Born: Gratiani, Antonio Maria bishop

Born: Harpsfeld, Nicholas was born in London

Died: Howard, Henry Earl of Surrey (?–1547)

Born: Howard, Charles earl of Nottingham

Born: Lambarde, William antiquary

Born: Maffei, John Peter Jesuit

Born: Magini, John-Anthony professor of mathematics in the university of Bologna

Born: Monantheuil, Henry De writer

Publication: “Annotationes in Senecae Philosophi Opera,” by Nunez, Ferdinand one of the restorers of literature in Spain

Died: Pagninus, Sanctes an Italian of great skill in Oriental languages and biblical learning

Born: Pamelius, James a learned Fleming

Died: Pellican, Conrad divine

Born: Plater, Felix physician

Died: Rastall, John one of our early printers

Publication: “Commentarius in omnes Davidis Psalmos,” by Remigius Of Auxerre Benedictine

Died: Ringelbergius, Joachim Fortius in German Sterck

Born: Smeton, Thomas divine

Publication: “Vulgaria Stanbridgiana,” by Stanbridge, John an eminent schoolmaster (14631525)

Publication: “Excerpta of Stobseus,” by Stobæus, John writer

Publication: “Virgil” by Vergil, Polydore writer

Born: Walsingham, Sir Francis statesman

Publication: “Description of the Holy Land,” by Ziegler, James philosopher


Died: Æmiliani, St. Jerome a nobleman

Born: Alford, Michael whose real name is said to be Griffith

Publication: “Practica de Gattinaria,” by Aquilanus, Sebastianus his true name being unknown

Publication: “Commentary on the Psalms,” by Arnobius of Gaul

Publication: “The bishop’s book,” by Barlowe, William bishop

Publication: “Electra” by Bayf, Lazarus De father to the above

Publication: “Biblicae Histories artinciossissimce depictae,” by Beham, Hans engraver

Publication: “Scholia in Dialecticam Georgii Trapezuntii,” by Bronchorst, John of Nimeguen

Publication: “Tabula Philosophise partitionem continens,” by Bruschius, Caspar historian and poet

Died: Castaldi, Cornelius lawyer

Born: Chopin, Rene lawyer

Born: Clavius, Chuistopher Jesuit

Died: Claymond, John one of the presidents of Magdalen college

Publication: “Luther’s Exposition of the 23d Psalm,” by Coverdale, Miles bishop (?–1568)

Publication: “A comfort concerning them that be dead, and howe wyfe, chyldren, and other frendes shal be comforted, the husband being dead,” by Coverdale, Miles bishop (?–1568)

Publication: “De fide ecclesise, contra Judasos,” by Crispin, Gilbert abbot

Born: Dante, Ignatius according to some

Publication: “Joan. Despauterii Ninivitae Commentarii Grammatici,” by Despauter or Van Pauteren

Publication: “De re navali liber ad Lazarum Bayfium,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Born: Doneau, Hugh in Latin Donellus

Publication: “Anatomise pars prior, in qua membra ad caput spectantia, recensentur, et delineantur,” by Dryander, John whose real name was Eichmens

Born: Fabricius, Jerome more generally known by the name of Hieronymus Fabricius Ab Aquapendente

Born: Genebrard, Gilbert Benedictine

Publication: “Lexicon GræcoLatinum,” by Gesner, Conrad scholar

Publication: “Triumphus B. Job,” by Gratius, Ortuinus a native of Holhwic in the diocese of Minister

Born: Guarino poet

Born: Horstius, James physician

Publication: “Annales de Republica Genoensi,” by Justiniani, Augustin bishop

Born: Maitland, John lord of Thirlstone

Born: Mariana, John historian

Died: Parker, Matthew archbishop (?–1575)

Publication: “Andria” by Periers, Bonaventure Dbs an old French satirist

Publication: “Cymbalum mundi, en Fran9ais, contenant quatres dialogues poetiques, fort antiques, joyeux, et facetieux,” by Periers, Bonaventure Dbs an old French satirist

Died: Phavorinus Favorinus

Publication: “Vinetum” by Stephanus, Francis was employed in printing with his step-father de Colines

Publication: “Cosmographies aliquot Descriptiones,” by Stoefler, John mathematician

Publication: “Nova Scientia inventa,” by Tartaglia, Nicholas mathematician

Publication: “The comparison of the Old Learning and the New,” by Turner, William divine

Died: Wakefield, Robert divine

Born: Wolfe, John a learned compiler


Publication: “De bello Turcis inferendo,” by Agricola, George physician

Publication: “Trivia, sive de causis senatoriis, &c.” by Alberti, Leon Baptista artist

Publication: “Epistolae de religione, et epigrammata,” by Anysius, Janus poet

Born: Arbuthnot, Alexander principal of the university of Aberdeen

Born: Baillou, William physician

Born: Baronius, Cæsar writer

Born: Bersmann, Gregory a native of Germany

Born: Borromeo, Charles cardinal

Born: Bristow, Richard queen

Died: Brixius, Germain a learned Frenchman

Born: Chantereau-Le-Febure, Louis antiquary

Died: Dalechamp, James botanist

Publication: “S. Doleti Galli Aurelii Carminum libri quatuor,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Born: Edward Vi. king of England

Publication: “Traditio DoctrinsB,” by Elias, Levita rabbi

Publication: “The Office of Sheriffs, Bailiffs of Liberties, Escheators, Constables, Coroners,” by Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony lawyer

Died: Gomez De Cividad Real, Alvarez poet

Born: Googe, Barnaby poet

Born: Guagnini, Alexander a native of Verona

Publication: “Latin Poems” by Hutten, Ulric De a gentleman of Franconia

Born: Kingsmill, Andrew one of the earliest puritan divines

Publication: “Deploratioun of the Deith of quene Magdalene.” by Lindsay, Sir David poet

Born: Lobel botanist

Born: Marnix, Philip De seigneur du Mont

Publication: “Pamachius Tragedia,” by Naogeorge, Thomas divine

Publication: “Incendia sive Pyrgopolinices Tragedia,” by Naogeorge, Thomas divine

Publication: “A History of Attila,” by Olahus, Nicholas prelate

Died: Olivetan, Robert a person of whose history little is known

Publication: “La Bible de l'Epee,” by Olivetan, Robert a person of whose history little is known

Publication: “Georgii Pachymerae Paraphrasis in decem epistolas bead Dionysii Areopagitæ,” by Pachymera, George an eminent Greek

Publication: “Commentarii in Hippocratis librum de Insomniis,” by Scaliger, Juuus Caesar critic

Born: Strein, Richard baron de Schwarrenaw

Publication: “De Literarum ludis recte aperiendis liber,” by Sturmius, John the Cicero of Germany


Born: Acosta, Joseph D' a celebrated Spanish author

Born: Amman, Jost painter and engraver

Publication: “Chant Natal,” by Aneau, Bartholomew a man of eminent learning in the sixteenth (15151565)

Born: Blackwood, Adam professor of civil law at Poictiers

Publication: “Arithmetica,” by Bronchorst, John of Nimeguen

Publication: “Commentarium Rerum Graecarum,” by Bruni, Leonard historian

Publication: “Aristotelis Priora resolutoria, &c.” by Burana, John Francis a native of Verona

Publication: “Ficheide del P. Siceo (i. e Francis Maria Molza) col Commento dr Ser Agresto (Annibal Caro) sopra la prima Ficata,” by Caro, Hannibal poet (?–1566)

Died: Champier, Benedict Curtius Symphorien writer

Publication: “De emendanda ecclesia,” by Cochlæus, John a native of Nuremberg

Publication: “Genethliacon Claudii Doleti, Stephani Doleti nlii; liber vitae communi in primis utilis et necessarius; autore patre, Lugduni, apud eundem Doletum,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Publication: “Formulas Latinarum locutionum illustriorum in tres partes divisae,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Publication: “Francisci Valesii, Gallorum regis, fata, ubi rein omnem celebriorem a Gallis gestam noscas, ab anno 1513 ad annum 1539,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Publication: “Claudii Cotersei Turonensis de jure et privilegiismilitum libri tres, et de officio imperatoris liber unus,” by Dolet, Stephen writer

Publication: “Eclogues,” by Eobanus, Hessus poet

Publication: “Of the Surveying of Lands,” by Fitzherbert, Sir Anthony lawyer

Publication: “Remarks on cardinal Cajetan’s Commentaries on the Bible,” by Fonseca, Anthony De Dominican

Publication: “Pistole Vulgari,” by Franco, Nicolas poet

Born: Gilbert, Sir Humphrey a brave officer and navigator

Died: Goclenius, Conrad philologist

Born: Howard, Henry earl of Northampton

Born: Martin, Thomas an eminent civilian

Publication: “Desecanda venain Pleuritide inter Graecos et Arabes concordia,” by Monardes, Nicholas physician

Publication: “Invective against the great and detestable vice, Treason,” by Morysin, Sir Richard statesman

Born: Nancel, Nicholas De so called from the village of Nancel

Publication: “A Declaration of the 94th Psalm,” by Parker, Henry, Lord Morley

Born: Pithou, Peter a French gentleman of eminence in the republic of letters

Born: Raphelengius, Francis writer

Publication: “Api,” by Ruccellai, John was born at Florence

Born: Socinus, Faustus and commonly esteemed the head of the sect of Socinians

Publication: “In partitiones Oratorias Ciceronis libri duo,” by Sturmius, John the Cicero of Germany

Publication: “The Garden of Wysdome, &c. containing the sayings of princes, philosophers, &c.” by Taverner, Richard a pious layman of the reigns of Henry VIII

Publication: “Commentatio Theologica, in Aphorismos dissecta, per Sebast. Gryphseum,” by Wilson, Florence known in his own time