, a leader of a religious sect, was a native of Novara, in the duchy of Milan. The sect sometimes denominated Dulcinists, and sometimes the “sect of the apostles,” was founded by Gerard Sagarelli, who was burnt alive for his opinions, at Parma, in 1300. According to Mosheim, the Dulcinists aimed at introducing among Christians the simplicity of the primitive time:-;, especially the manner of life that was observed by the apostles, as nearly as could be collected from their writings. On the death of the founder, Dulcinus boldly headed the st:t, and avowed his faith in the predictions of Sagarelli, viz. that the church of Rome would speedily be destroyed, and that a pure system of religion would be built on its ruins, and that these predictions might be fulfilled, the Dulcinists for two years, by force of arms, maintained their ground against the supporters of the papal interests; which terminated, however, in the capture and death of their leader. 2