Ettmuller, Michael Ernest

, a physician, son of the preceding, was born at Leipsic, Aug. 26, 1673. In 1692 he entered of the academy at Wittemberg, and in 1694 removed to Leipsic, where he took his master’s degree, after which he set out on a tour through England, Holland, and Germany, and took the degree of M. D. at Leipsic, in 1697. In 1702, he was made professor extraordinary of medicine, and member of the imperial | academy Naturae Curiosorum; in 1706 extraordinary professor of anatomy and surgery, and physician to the Lazaretto at Leipsic in 1710 assessor of the medicinal faculty; in 1719 professor of physiology in ordinary; in 1724 professor of pathology of the academy decemvir, and collegiate of the grand ducal college; and in 1730, director of the imperial academy of Naturae Curiosorum. He died Sept. 25th, 1733. He published his father’s works, with a preface, and wrote various dissertations on medical subjects, and contributed various papers to the “Acta Eruditorum,” and to the collections of the “Naturae Curiosorum.1