Fage, Raimond De La

, a self-taught genius, was born in 1648 at Lisle en Albigeois in Languedoc. He drevr with the pen, or Indian ink, and arrived at such eminence in that branch as to be complimented upon it by Carlo Marat. He went to visit that painter, who received him with politeness, and offered him his pencil; when he declined using it, saying, that he had never practised painting. “I am glad to hear it,” said the artist, “for if I may judge from your drawings of the progress you would | have made in painting, I must certainly have given place to you.” Fage lived irregularly, generally drawing at a public-house, and sometimes paying his bills by a sketch, produced upon the occasion. He died in 1690; Audran, Simoneau, and others, engraved a collection of one hundred and twenty-three prints from his designs, and Strutt mentions some prints engraved by himself. 1