Feuillet, Nicholas

, was a priest and canon of St. Cloud near Paris, whose preaching, those of his communion say, was zealous, and his doctrine sound. He had acquired a kind of licence to speak with the utmost freedom to persons of the first rank at court, and reprove their irregularities from whence this verse of the 119th Psalm was applied to him “I will speak of thy testimonies also, even before kings, and will not be ashamed.” Feuillet converted many sinners, which Boiieau alludes to when he says, “Laissez a Feuillet reformer Punivers;” and was the principal instrument in the conversion of M. de Chanteau, cou sin-german of M. de Caumartin, counsellor of state. The very instructive History he gave of this conversion was printed, with some of his other works, 1702, 12mo, and has been several times reprinted. Feuillet died at Paris, September 7, 1693, aged seventy-one. He left some “Letters,” and a “Funeral Oration” on Henrietta of England, duchess of Orleans. 2