Feutsking, John Henry

, a Lutheran divine, was born in the duciiy of Holstein, in 1672. After an useful elementary education, he studied philosophy and theology | at Rostock and Wittemberg, where he was created doctor in philosophy, in 1692. In 1697, he was appointed pastor and superintendant of the diocese of Jessen, and afterwards became pastor of the church of St. Bartholomew at Zerbst, preacher to the court, confessor and ecclesiastical counsellor, and superintendant of the diocese of Zerhst, in Anhalt. In 1709 he was appointed professor of divinity, and assessor of the ecclesiastical consistory of that city. At the same time he preached once a week before the eJectress of Saxony, and was honoured with the post of ecclesiastical counsellor to the duie of Saxe-Gotha. His last appointment was that of confessor to the electress of Saxony, in. 1712, an office that he enjoyed but a few months, as he died in 1713, when only forty-one years of age. His works, enumerated by Moreri, are very numerous, and chiefly on theological subjects, but are now little known. 1

1 Moreri.