, or probably Frazer, (Amadeus Francis), was born at Chamberri, 1682, descended from a distinguished family of the robe, originally of Scotland. He was intended for the office of magistrate, but his family, in compliance with his inclination, permitted him to go into the military service, from which he entered the corps of engineer! in 1707. He was sent by the court, in 1711, to examine the Spanish colonies at Peru and Chili; and employed his talents for fortifications at St. Malo, at St. Domingo 1719, and at Landau 1728, in which year he also received the cross of St. Louis, and married. Frezier was afterwards employed in Bretany, but rose no higher than the rank of lieutenant-colonel, the various commissions in which he had been engaged having prevented his being present at more than two sieges; and the number of sieges at which the officers of engineers have been present, are the steps by which they rise to superior stations. He died October 16, 1772, leaving two daughters married, and a grandson, his son’s child. This son died before Frezier, on board a king’s ship, in the storm of 1768, which sunk him with all his property. His works are, “Tr. des Feux d‘ Artifice/’ 1747, 8vo.” Voyage de la Mer du Sud,“1716, 4to.” Theorie et Pratique de la Coupe des Pierres et des Bois,“Strasburg, 1769, 3 vols. 4 to; an abridgment of this work, by the title of” Eleinens de Stereotomie," Paris, 1759, 2 vols. 8vo. 2