Gale, Thomas

, an English surgeon, was born in 1507; and educated under Richard Ferris, afterwards serjeantsurgeon to queen Elizabeth. He was surgeon in the army of king Henry VIII. at Montruil, in 1544; and in that of king Philip at St. Quintin, in 1557, but afterwards settled in London, and became very eminent in the practice of surgery. He was living in 1586. Tanner gives the following list of his writings: “The Institution of a Chirurgeon.” “An Enchiridion of Surgery,” in four books. “On Gun-shot wounds.” “Antidotarie,” in two books. All these were printed together, London, 1563, 8vo. “A compendious method of curing praeternatural Tumours.” “On the several kinds of Ulcers, and their cure.” “A Commentary on Guido de Cauliaco.” “An Herbal, for the use of surgeons.” “A brief declaration of the worthy Art of Medicine, and the office of a Chirurgeon.” “An epitome of Galen de Natural. Facultat.” The two last were printed with a translation of " Galen de Methodo MedenoV’ It cannot be supposed that any of these are now of much value, but some of them contain curious information respecting the state of the profession at that time. 2


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