Gething, Richard

, a curious penman, was, according to Wood, a native of Herefordshire, but settled in Fetter-laue, London, as early as 1616, about which time he published a copy-book of various hands, in 26 plates, oblong quarto, well executed, considering the time. la 1645 he published his “Chirographia,” in 37 plates, in which he principally aims at the improvement of the Italian hand. There is another edition of this book, dated 1664, perhaps after his death, as it has this title, “Gething’s Redivivus,” with his picture in the front. In 1652 his “Calligraphotechnia” was published from the rollingpress it contains thirty-six folio plates, with his picture, which has a label round it, inscribing him aged thirty-two, which must be a mistake. It appears, ^indeed, to be a re-publication of his former works, for some of the plates are dated 1615, 1616, and it is dedicated to sir Francis Bacon, who died in 1626. 1

1 Massey’s Origin and Progress of Letters.