Events noted in 1650

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1645 1655


Died: Adriano painter

Publication: “Lion restored,” by Aitzema, Leo D' a gentleman of Frizeland

Publication: “Methodus Theologise,” by Alting, Henry divine

Publication: “De Ccipsicorum varietate cum suis iconibus: accessit panacea ex herbis quas a sanctis denominantur,” by Ambrosini, Bartholomew physician

Publication: “Catalogue des eveques de Beziers” by Andoque, Peter and not Androque

Publication: “Dissertatio continens introductionem ad philosophiam sacram,” by Apaczai, John a man of singular character and learning of the seventeenth century

Died: Aquino, Philip D' rabbi

Publication: “Dissertatio de Philosophia veterum,” by Arndt, Christian was born in 1623

Publication: “De vera usu Logicesin Theologia,” by Arndt, Christian was born in 1623

Publication: “Fasciculus Chemicus or, chymical collection, expressing the ingress, progress, and egress, of the secret Hermetick science, out of the choicest and most famous authors. Whereunto is added, the arcanum, or grand secret of Hermetick philosophy. Both made English by James Hasolle, esq. qui est Mercuriophilus Anglicus,” by Ashmole, Elias philosopher

Publication: “Cavminum libri iii. ejusdem epistolae selectse,” by Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

Publication: “Human Nature,” by Bathurst, Ralph a distinguished wit

Died: Baudouin, John a member of the French academy

Born: Baxter, William critic

Publication: “Herba Parietis, or the wall-flower, as it grows out of the stone-chamber belonging to the metropolitan prison; being an history, which is partly true, partly romantic, morally divine; whereby a marriage between reality and fancy is solemnized by divinity,” by Bayly, Thomas bishop

Born: Benbow, John a brave English admiral

Publication: “Commentaire sur la Coutume de Normandie,” by Berault, Michael pastor and professor of theology at Montauban

Born: Bergalli, Charles monk

Publication: “De nivibus Exquilinis, sive de sacris nivibus,” by Beverini, Bartholomew a learned Italian of the seventeenth century

Born: Block, Joanna Koerten artist

Died: Both, John And Andrew were two eminent Dutch painters and engravers; John was born at Utrecht

Publication: “Tresor des antiquues Romanies,” by Boulai, Cæsar Egasse De historian

Publication: “Oratio funebris in excessum Adriani Falkoburgii Med. Doct.” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Publication: “Hayraonis Hist, ecclesiastics Breviarium,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Publication: “Dissertatio de Groecse, Romanae, et Germanics? Linguarum harmonia,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Born: Briggs, William physician

Publication: “A True Memorial of the ancient, most holy, and religious state of Great Britain, &c. in the time of the Britons, and primitive church of the Saxons,” by Broughton, Richard historian

Publication: “Petrarca Redivivus,” by Bruni, Leonard historian

Born: Burkitt, William a celebrated commentator on the New Testament

Publication: “Lyra prophetica Davidis regis: sive Analysis Critico-Practica Psal morum,” by Bythner, Victorinus an able linguist

Publication: “Vindication of the Presbyterian Government and Ministry,” by Calamy, Edmund divine

Publication: “Temptations, their nature, danger, and cure, &c.” by Capel, Richard son of Christopher Capel

Born: Carvalho D'Acosta, Anthony a native of Lisbon

Publication: “De quatuor Linguis Commentationis, Pars I. Quse de Lingua Hebraica & de Lingua Saxonica. Accesserunt Gulielmi Somneri ad verba vetera Germanica Lipsiana Notae,” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Publication: “De Origine et' rebus gestis Turcoman,” by Chalcondyles, Laonicus was also a native of Athens

Publication: “Spiritus Gorgonicus vi sua saxipara exutus, sive de causis, signis, et sanatione Lithiaseos,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Publication: “A Ternary of Paradoxes, of the magnetic cure of wounds, nativity of tartar in wine, and image of God in man,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Publication: “The errors of physicians concerning Defluxions called Deliramenta Catarrhi,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Publication: “La Vie de Socrate,” by Charpentier, Francis dean

Publication: “History of the Rites, Customs, &c. of the Jews,” by Chilmead, Edward mathematician

Born: Chirac, Peter physician

Born: Churchill, John duke of Marlborough

Born: Collier, Jeremy divine

Died: Cordes a learned editor

Born: Cox, Sir Richard lord chancellor of Ireland

Born: Cunitia, Maria a lady of great genius and learning

Publication: “Urania Propitia,” by Cunitia, Maria a lady of great genius and learning

Died: Daille, John a minister of the church of Paris

Died: Des Cartes, Rene philosopher

Publication: “Memoirs of the Gauls,” by Dupleix, Scipio historian

Publication: “Considerations concerning the Engagement,” by Dury, John in Latin Duroeus

Publication: “The Reformed School,” by Dury, John in Latin Duroeus

Publication: “The reformed Library Keeper,” by Dury, John in Latin Duroeus

Publication: “Traite de la devotion et de l'office du coeur de la Vierge,” by Eudes, John historian

Born: Fardklla, Michael Angelo a celebrated professor of astronomy and natural history at Padua

Publication: “A Christian caveat to the Old and New Sabbatarians, or, a Vindication of our old Gospel Festival,” by Fisher, Edward supposed by Wood to be the son of sir Edward Fisher

Born: Flaherty, Roderic an Irish gentleman of learning

Publication: “Ambitio sacra. Conciones duae Latine habitae ad academicos,” by Ford, Simon a man of learning

Publication: “Parallele de l'architecture antique avec la rooderne,” by Freart, Roland sieur de Chambrai

Publication: “Miscellanea Sacra,” by Fuller, Nicholas critic

Publication: “Index codicum MStorum quibus usus est Joh. Picus Comes Mirandulanus,” by Gaffarell, James writer

Publication: “Hippocrates Redivivus paraphrasibus illustratus,” by Galeano, Joseph physician

Died: Garissoles, Anthony divine

Publication: “Epistola de Zelandia,” by Geldenhaur, Gerard Eobanus divine

Publication: “Considerations on the lives of Alcibiades and Coriolanus,” by Gentilis, Robert but unworthy of him

Publication: “De Rachitide; ?ivemorbo puerili qui vulgo the Rickets dicitur,” by Glisson, Francis physician

Publication: “An Account of his Sufferings,” by Goodman, Godfrey prelate

Born: Gouye, Thomas mathematician

Publication: “Epochae celebriores astronomis, historicis, chronologis Chataiorum, Syro-grsecorum, Arabum, Persarum, &c. usitatae, ex traditione Ulug Beigi Arab, et Lat.” by Greaves, John antiquary

Publication: “Chorasmiae et Mawaralnabrae, hoc est, regionum extra fluvium Oxum, descriptio,” by Greaves, John antiquary

Publication: “Gregorii Posthuma,” by Gregory, John divine

Publication: “ Brasse et de Bugey,” by Guichenon, Samuel historian

Born: Guidi, Alexander poet

Publication: “A Vindication of Mr. John Durie,” by Hartlib, Samuel writer

Publication: “Letters to Hartlib from Flanders,” by Hartlib, Samuel writer

Publication: “An Answer to sir William Davenant’s Epistle or Preface to Gondibert,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “Human Nature or the fundamental elements of policy,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “De Corpore Politico; or the Elements of the Law,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “A Refutation of Socinianism,” by Hoornbeeck, John an illustrious professor of divinity in the universities of Utrecht and Leyden

Publication: “Phytologia Britannica, natales exhibens indigenarum Stirpium sponte emergentium,” by How, William botanist

Publication: “Instructions for Forraine Travell shewing by what course, and in what compass of time, one may take an exact survey of the kingdomes and states of Christendome, and arrive to the practical knowledge of the languages to good purpose, 1642.” by Ho Well, James writer

Publication: “An exact History of the late Revolutions in Naples, &c.” by Ho Well, James writer

Born: Jacobæus, Oliger a professor of physic and philosophy at Copenhagen

Born: Juennin, Gaspard divine

Born: King, Da. William archbishop

Publication: “Musurgia Universalis,” by Kircher, Athanasius mathematician

Publication: “Obeliscus Pamphilius,” by Kircher, Athanasius mathematician

Born: Lainez, Alexander poet

Died: Lane, Sir Richard knt. lord chief baron of the exchequer

Publication: “Annotations on all the New Testament,” by Leigh, Edward writer

Born: Malezieu, Nicolas De a French author

Publication: “A new Version of the Hebrew Text of the Bible, with Notes,” by Malvenda, Thomas Dominican

Born: Mayer, John Frederic divine

Publication: “Origines de la langue Franchise,” by Menage, Giles called

Publication: “Esperanza de Israel,” by Menasseh, Ben Israel rabbi

Died: Novarini, Lewis monk

Born: Palaprat, John seigneur de Bigot

Publication: “Reformed Library-keeper.” by Pell, John mathematician

Publication: “Qusestiones Physiologicæ de partium in utero conformatione,” by Plater, Felix physician

Born: Radcliffe, Dr. John physician

Publication: “Discourse of the invention of shipping,” by Ralegh, Sir Walter or'Rawlegh

Publication: “The humble Proposals of sundry learned, pious Divines within this Kingdom, concerning the engagement intended to be imposed on them for their subscriptions,” by Reynolds, Dward prelate

Publication: “Just Re-proposals to humble Proposals or, an impartial consideration of,” by Reynolds, Dward prelate

Publication: “Opuscula anatomica,” by Riolan, John was born at Paris in the year 1577

Born: Robinson, John prelate

Born: Rooke, Sir George a brave naval officer

Publication: “Mel la Patrum,” by Rous, Francis a very conspicuous racter during the republican state of England

Died: Scheiner, Christopher astronomer

Died: Schomberg, Frederic 'Duke Of a distinguished general

Born: Scougal, Henry divine

Publication: “Artamene, ou le Grand Cyrus,” by Scuderi, Magdeleine De and his superior in talents

Born: Sewell, William historian

Born: Shovel, Sir Cloudesley an eminent English admiral

Born: Somers, John Lord lawyer

Died: Tozer, Henry divine

Died: Valesius, Henry critic

Publication: “Olor Iscanus, a collection of some select poems,” by Vaughan, Henry poet

Publication: “Silex scintillans, or the Bleeding Heart, sacred poems and private ejaculations,” by Vaughan, Henry poet

Born: Vyth, John Martin artist

Born: Wallis, John mathematician (16161703)

Born: Wheler, Sir George traveller

Publication: “Lexicon Runicum, & Appendix ad Monumenta Danica,” by Wormius, Olaus physician


Publication: “Le Frascherie, fasci tre,” by Abati, Antony poet (15901667)

Publication: “Brief notes upon the whole book of Psalms,” by Abbot, George and son of sir Maurice Abbot

Publication: “Gazophyiacium Græcorum,” by Abresch, Frederic Louis scholar

Publication: “Rime e Prose,” by Achillini, Claude and son of

Publication: “Historia Byzantina,” by Acropolita, George one of the writers in the Byzantine history

Born: Adams, Fitzherbert a man of learning

Publication: “Collection of Latin Orations and Poems,” by Æmilius, Anthony professor of history in the university of Utrecht

Publication: “History of Tunquin, and the progress of the Gospel there from 1627 to 1646,” by Albi, Henry a native of Bolene in the comtat Venaissin

Died: Alciati, Terence a native of Rome

Publication: “Dissertationum Marinarum decas,” by Amama, Sixtinus professor of the Hebrew tongue in the university of Franeker

Publication: “Discursus politicus de principiis constituentibus et conservantibus rempublicam,” by Arndt, Christian was born in 1623

Publication: “Exercit. de Claudii Salmasii erroribus in theologia,” by Arndt, Joshua divine

Born: Astorini, Elias born in the province of Cosenza in the kingdom of Naples in 1651

Born: Babin, Francis a native of Angers

Born: Bacchini, Bernardin scholar

Publication: “Nympha Libaethris or the Cotswold Muse, presenting some extempore verses to the imitation of young scholars; in four parts,” by Barksdale, Clement writer

Publication: “A letter to Mr. John Goodwin, concerning Universal Redemption, by J. Christ,” by Barlow, Thomas bishop

Publication: “Romae, 1651, 12mo. 4. a Harpocrates quinque Ludius; seu Diatriba silentii,” by Baro, Bonaventure whose true name was Fitz-Gerald

Born: Barth, John a native of Dunkirk

Born: Baulot, James a celebrated lithotomist

Publication: “A farewell sermon of comfort and concord, preached at Drogheda,” by Bernard, Nicholas divine

Born: Bernard, Samuel an opulent financier of France

Born: Booth, Henry earl of Warrington

Publication: “The Churchman’s Catechism: or the Church’s plea for Tithes,” by Boreman, Robert divine

Publication: “Historia Universalis Sacra et Profana a nato Christo ad annum 1650,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Publication: “Orationes varii argumenti,” by Boxhorn, Mark Zuerius an eminent philologer

Publication: “Elogium patris Jacobi Sirmundi,” by Briet, Philip an able French geographer

Publication: “The Cunning Lovers,” by Brome, Alexander poet

Publication: “The Gospel Covenant opened,” by Bulkley, Peter divine

Publication: “De critica nuper a se edita, ad rev. virum D. Jacob. Usserium Armacanum in Hibernia Episcopum, Epistola apologetica, in qua Arnoldi Bootii temeraria Criticae censura refellitur,” by Capellus, Lewis divine

Publication: “Terentius, cum notis Thomoe Farnabii in quatuor priores Comoedias, & Merici Casauboni in Phormionem & Hecyram,” by Casaubon, Meric was born at Geneva

Died: Caussin, Nicholas Jesuit

Publication: “The darkness of Atheism discovered by the light of nature, a physicotheological treatise,” by Charleton, Walter physician

Publication: “Le Tableau de la Fortune,” by Chevreau, Urban was born at Loudun

Born: Cordemoi, Gerard De historian

Publication: “A discourse of the lawfulness of Combats to be performed in the presence of the king, or the constable and marshal of England,” by Cotton, Sir Robert Bruce antiquary

Publication: “Lives of the Popes,” by Coulon, Lewis historian

Died: Cromwell, Oliver protector of the commonwealth of England

Born: Dacier, Andrew critic

Born: Dacier, Anne was born at Saumur

Publication: “Ethica sacra, de virtutibus et vitiis,” by Dandini, Jerome Jesuit

Died: Dartis, John lawyer

Died: Dee, Arthur was born at Mortlake

Publication: “Auctorjtas Scripturae sacra Hebraic;*-, Grcecae, et Latino?, hoc est textus Hebraici, versionis septuaginta interpretum, et versionis vulgatae,” by Despierres, John Benedictine

Publication: “Dissertationes duae, prior de motu cordis et sanguinis, altera de lacte ac nutrimento foetus in utero,” by Deusingius, Anthony physician

Publication: “Essays in divinity,” by Donne, John divine and poet

Publication: “Velitationes polemicae; or polemical short discussions of certain particular and select questions,” by Doughty, John divine

Publication: “Chronicoa Orientale,” by Ecchellensis, Abraham a learned Maronite of the seventeenth century

Publication: “The Previleges and Prerogatives of the high court of Chancery, written by the right honourable Thomas lord Ellesmere, late lord chancellor of England.” by Egerton, Thomas lord Ellesmere

Died: Eveillon, James an ingenious canon

Publication: “When I come into my house in winter, I do not hear the walls complain of cold; but the poor, who are shivering at my door, tell me they want clothing.” by Eveillon, James an ingenious canon

Publication: “A Character of England, as it was lately presented in a letter to a nobleman of France, with reflections upon Callus Castratus,” by Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Born: Fenelon, Francis De Salignac De La Motte archbishop

Publication: “Opus Macaronicum,” by Folengo, Theophilus more known by his assumed name of Merlin Coccaio

Publication: “Novelle degli Academici incogniti,” by Foscarini, Michael historian

Publication: “The An of Distillation,” by French, John physician

Died: Frizon, Peter a doctor of the Sorbonne

Publication: “Dissertatio philologiea de virginhate honorata, erudita, adornata, fnecunda,” by Fronteau, John canon regular of the congregation of St

Publication: “Antitheses Angustini et Calvini,” by Fronteau, John canon regular of the congregation of St

Publication: “Andres Schioppii Casparis fratris Elixir Calvinisticum,” by Garasse, Francis Jesuit

Publication: “Monobiblos Ecclesiasticarum Observationum,” by Gronovius, John Frederic an eminent civilian

Publication: “The Engagement;” by Hale, Sir Matthew lawyer

Publication: “On Motion by Engines,” by Hartlib, Samuel writer

Born: Hasenmuller, Daniel a native of Holstein

Born: Hertius, John Nicholas a celebrated civilian

Publication: “Corporis Humani Disquisitio Anatomica,” by Highmore, Nathaniel physician and anatomist

Publication: “A History of Generation,” by Highmore, Nathaniel physician and anatomist

Publication: “Leviathan; or the matter, form, and power of a Commonwealth,” by Hobbes, Thomas philosopher

Publication: “The Valley of Vision; or a clear sight of sundry sacred truths; delivered in twenty-one sermons,” by Holdsworth, Richard sometimes written Oldsworth (?–1649)

Born: Honorius De Sancta Maria whose proper name was Blaize Vauzelle

Publication: “The Saints’ Dignity and Duty,” by Hooker, Thomas divine

Publication: “Historia Orientalis, ex variis Orientaliuin monumentis collecta,” by Hottinger, John-Henry writer

Born: Hough, Jons prelate

Publication: “Vision, or Dialogue between Soul and Body,” by Ho Well, James writer

Publication: “Survey of the Signory of Venice, &c.” by Ho Well, James writer

Publication: “The Process and Pleadings in the Court of Spain, upon the death of Anthony Ascham, resident for the Parliament of England, &c.” by Ho Well, James writer

Publication: “The late King’s Declaration in Latin, French, and English:” by Ho Well, James writer

Born: Imhoff, John a very famous genealogist

Born: Imperiali, Joseph Renatus cardinal

Born: Kaempfer, Engelbert traveller

Born: Kuhlman, Quirinus a celebrated fanatic

Publication: “Notitia dignitatum omnium imperii Roinani,” by Labbe, Philip Jesuit

Publication: “Seven Sermons preached and printed on several Occasions,” by Laud, William archbishop

Publication: “Monarchy or no Monarchy,” by Lilly, William astrologer

Publication: “Responsorum moralium,” by Lugo, John cardinal

Born: Machault, John De Jesuit

Born: Martini, Martin Jesuit

Publication: “The Old Couple, a comedy,” by May, Thomas historian

Died: Neefs, Peter painter

Born: Noailles, Louis Antony De archbishop (?–1729)

Born: Opstraet, John divine

Born: Otway, Thomas one of the first names in the English drama

Publication: “Observations upon the Provinces United; and on the State of France,” by Overbury, Sir Thomas an accomplished English gentleman

Publication: “De Circulatione Sanguinis et Chyli Motu,” by Pecquet, John anatomist

Publication: “L'Apparato alle Antichita di Capua,” by Pellegrini, Camillo antiquary

Born: Perizonius, James a learned German

Publication: “Commento sopra una canzone de amore, composta da Girolamo Benivieni, secundo la mente & opinione de' Platonici” by Picus, John of Mirandula (?–1494)

Born: Pourchot, Edmund an eminent French professor of philosophy

Publication: “Theologiaa Scholasticae Syntagma Mnemonicum,” by Prideaux, John bishop

Publication: “A guide to the holy City,” by Reading, John divine

Publication: “Daventriae illustrate, sive Historiae Urbis Daventriensis,” by Reves, James De divine

Publication: “Curieuses Recherches sur les e*coles de Medecine de Paris et de Montpelier,” by Riolan, John was born at Paris in the year 1577

Publication: “Communicant instructed,” by Roberts, Francis divine

Died: Ryves, Sir Thomas son of John Ryves of Damery Court

Publication: “Rosarium politicum, sive amoenum sortis humanae Theatrum, Per4ce et Lat.” by Sadi poet

Publication: “Fur Prædestinatus sive, dialogismus inter quendam Ordinis proedicantium Calvinistam etFurem ad laqueum damnatum habitus,” by Sancroft, Dr. William prelate

Died: Sarrau, Claude in Latin Sarravius

Died: Schilter, John an eminent jurist

Publication: “Principia Matheseos universalis,” by Schooten, Francis professor of mathematics at Leyden about the middle of the seventeenth century

Publication: “The Discoverie of Witchcraft,” by Scot, Reynolde a learned English gentleman

Born: Sharp, Abraham mathematician

Publication: “Why good men suffer misfortunes, seeing there is a divine providence?” by Sherburne, Sir Edward poet

Died: Simpson, Edward divine

Publication: “Chronicon Catholicum ab exordio mundi,” by Simpson, Edward divine

Died: Sirmond, James Jesuit

Publication: “Discourse of the Divine institution, necessity, and sacredness of the office Ministerial,” by Taylor, Jeremy prelate

Publication: “Dialogues,” by Tixier, John generally known by his assumed name Ravisius Textor

Publication: “Opera Scriptorurn de claris Mulieribus,” by Tixier, John generally known by his assumed name Ravisius Textor

Born: Tschirnhausen, Ernfroy Walter mathematician

Publication: “Eight Letters concerning the use of reason in religion; the differences of opinion among Christians; the reconciliation of sinners unto God; and, the studies and learning of a minister of the gospel.” by Tuckney, Anthony divine

Died: Turner, Peter son to the preceding Dr

Publication: “Vitæ selectoruip aliquot virorum;” by Valesius, Henry critic

Publication: “Pugio Fidei” by Voisin, Joseph De an ingenious doctor

Died: Walker, Clement author of the “History of Independency

Died: Walker, George divine

Publication: “Plays and Poems,” by Walton, Isaac writer

Publication: “Reliquiae Wotton ianae,” by Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman


Publication: “Collection of ten English Writers” by Ailred Ethelred

Publication: “Consigli Medico-politici,” by Alaymo, Mark Anthony physician

Publication: “Græcioe orthodoxae scriptores,” by Allatius, Leo keeper of the Vatican library

Died: Angeloni, Francis antiquary

Publication: “De diebus criticis,” by Argoli, Andrew mathematician

Publication: “Catonis grammatici diroe cum commentario perpetuo,” by Arnold, Christopher writer

Publication: “Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum, containing several poetical pieces of our famous English philosophers, who have written the Hermetique mysteries, in their own ancient language. Faithfully collected into one volume, with annotations thereon, by Elias Ashmole, esq. qui est Mercuriophilus Anglicus,” by Ashmole, Elias philosopher

Died: Aubertin, Edmund, In Latin Edmundus Albertinus a minister of the reformed church of Paris in the seventeenth century

Born: Avrillon, John Baptist Elias a French Franciscan of the order called* Minimes

Publication: “Musse Sacrse sen Jonas, Jeremia? threni, et Daniel, Graeco redditi carmine,” by Aylmer, John was of a good family in Hampshire

Publication: “Socrate Chretienne, et autres oeuvres,” by Balzac, John Lewis Guez Dr writer

Publication: “Life of Hugo Grotius,” by Barksdale, Clement writer

Publication: “Pegasus.” by Barlow, Thomas bishop

Born: Baron, Michael an eminent French player

Died: Basnage, Benjamin the first of a family of French Calvinists

Died: Beaune, Florimond De theson of Florimond de Beaune

Publication: “Innocentiae suae impetitae per Reverendissimum Fernensem vindiciae,” by Beling, Richard was born in 1613

Publication: “Theophila, or Love-Sacrifice,” by Bendlowes, Edward poet

Publication: “Gli Sforzi del Desiderio,” by Berni, Count Francis lawyer

Publication: “Roberti Bodii Scoti Praelectiones in Epistolam ad Ephesios,” by Boyd, Robert divine

Born: Bradford, Samuel bishop

Died: Brent, Sir Nathanael lawyer

Died: Brome, Richard lived also in the reign of Charles I

Publication: “Decem Script. Hist. Angliae,” by Brompton, John monk

Born: Bruyn, Cornelius painter

Died: Camus, John Peter prelate

Publication: “Historical relations of the United Provinces, and of Flanders,” by Carey, Henry earl of Monmouth

Publication: “The perfect Law of God, being a sermon and no sermon, preached and yet not preached,” by Carpenter, Richard divine and poet

Born: Cheminais, Timoleon preacher

Born: Chetwood, Knightly was born in 1652

Died: Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Publication: “Philosophia naturalis methodo resolutiva tradita, &c.” by Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Publication: “Catch that Catch can,” by Child, William Mus. D

Publication: “Indago Astrologica,” by Childrey, Joshua divine

Born: Clerc, Daniel Le the son of Stephen Le Clerc

Publication: “Lettres Historiques,” by Dumont, John baron of Carlscroon

Died: Estoile, Claude De L' son of the foregoing

Publication: “The State of France,” by Evelyn, John philosopher (?–1706)

Born: Eysel, John Philip physician

Died: Fabricius, James physician

Publication: “Opera Omnia.” by Fabricius, William physician

Born: Ferreras, Don John Of a noble and learned Spaniard

Died: Fleetwood, Charles lord deputy of Ireland during the usurpation

Died: Foster, Samuel mathematician

Publication: “The Yorkshire Spaw, or a Treatise of Four famous medicinal wells: viz. the spaw, or vitrioline well; the stinking or sulphur well; the dropping or petrifying well; and St. Magnus-well, near Knaresborow in Yorkshire. Together with the causes, vertues, and use thereof,” by French, John physician

Born: Gabbiani, Antony Domenick artist

Publication: “Gething’s Redivivus,” by Gething, Richard a curious penman

Publication: “Letters,” by Gombauld, John Ogier De poet

Publication: “Astronomicae quaedam, ex traditione Shah Cholgii Persae, una cum hypothesibus planetarum,” by Greaves, John antiquary

Publication: “The Life of the renowned sir Philip Sidney,” by Greville, Fulk lord Brooke

Publication: “Anti-Valerianus,” by Haberkorn, Peter divine

Publication: “The Height of Eloquence,” by Hall, John poet

Publication: “Commentary.” by Hallier, Francis bishop

Publication: “Twisse’s doubting Conscience resolved,” by Hartlib, Samuel writer

Publication: “Herbert’s Remains, &c.” by Herbert, George divine

Publication: “Analysis Fidei,” by Holden, Henry divine

Born: Homberg, William a celebrated chemist

Publication: “Novus ductus chyliferus, nunc primum delineatus, descriptus, et eruditorum examini propositus,” by Hoorne, John Van anatomist

Publication: “History of the Origin of the Americans,” by Hornius, George historian

Born: Hoste, Paul born May 19

Died: Jacob, Henry was born either in 1606 or 1607

Publication: “De Claris Scriptoribus Cabilonensibus, libri tres,” by Jacob, Lewis bibliographer

Publication: “Historia naturalis de Quadrupedibus,” by Johnston, John naturalist

Publication: “Theatrum Chymicum Britannicum,” by Kelley a famous English alchymist

Born: King, John rector of Chelsea

Publication: “A philological Commentary; or, an illustration of the most obvious and useful words in the Law, &c.” by Leigh, Edward writer

Publication: “Philologus Hebraeus,” by Leusden, John scholar

Born: Leydecker, Melchior divine

Died: Lugo, Francis was born at Madrid in 1580

Publication: “An Apology for our public Ministry and infant Baptism,” by Lyford, William clergyman

Publication: “Anatomia, cui Responsiones ad Riolanum, Anatomicum Parisiensem, in ipsius animadversionibus contra Veslingium, additae sunt,” by Marchetti, Peter De physician

Publication: “Donne’s Latin epigrams,” by Mayne, Jasper divine

Publication: “Miscellanea,” by Menage, Giles called

Died: Menard, Claude antiquary

Publication: “Regii Sanguinis Clamor ad Coelum,” by Moulin, Peter Du clergyman

Publication: “Mare Clausum,” by Needham, Marchamont writer

Born: Orsi, John Joseph poet

Publication: “A seasonable Expostulation, with the Netherlands,” by Osborne, Francis writer

Died: Petau, Denis was born at Orleans Aug. 21

Born: Pitcairne, Archibald physician

Born: Pittis, Thomas divine

Born: Porcheron, David Placide Benedictine

Born: Renau D'Elisagaray, Bernard architect

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Born: Sage, John bishop

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Died: Smith, John divine

Born: Tallard, Camille D'Hostun, Count Of an admired general

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Died: Wilson, Arthur historian

Died: Young, Patrick scholar


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Died: Algardi, Alexander architect

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Died: Leo Of Modena whose proper name was R

Died: Malvezzi, Virgil commonly called the marquis Malvezzi

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Born: Nieuwentyt, Bernard mathematician

Died: Pacheco, Francis artist

Born: Pagi, Francis was born at Lambesc in Provence Sept. 7

Born: Passeri, Joseph nephew of the former

Died: Pell, John mathematician

Born: Peringskiold, John antiquary

Born: Petis De La Croix, Francis writer

Died: Potter, Paul painter (16251654)

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Born: Rhenferd, James scholar

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Died: Ross, Alexander a voluminous author of the seventeenth century

Publication: “Stances sur la grossesse de la reine de Pologne et de Suede.” by St. Amant, Mark-Anthony-Gerard, Sieur De poet

Born: Salvini, Antonio Maria a learned Italian

Publication: “Istoria Universale dell' origine, guerre, ed imperio deTurchi,” by Sansovino, Francis historian

Publication: “Grotii epistolsc ad Gallos,” by Sarrau, Claude in Latin Sarravius

Publication: “Aphorismi de frclicitate,” by Sterne, John physician

Died: Tomasini, James Philip prelate

Publication: “This false man hath broken his word with me, and refuses to perform what he promised. Well, he will have little cause to glory in his wickedness; for he will not continue long. The king will return: Though I shall not live to see it, you may. The government, both in church and state, is in confusion. The papists are advancing their projects, and making such advantages as will hardly be prevented.” by Usher, James prelate

Born: Varignon, Peter mathematician

Publication: “Gratii Falisci Cynegeticon, a poem on hunting by Gratius, &c.” by Wase, Christopher a man of considerable learning

Died: Wormius, Olaus physician

Publication: “Cabala, Mysteries of State,” by Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman