Gibbons, Richard

, a learned English Jesuit, was born in Winchester in 1549, and going abroad, became a man of considerable consequence in his order. Besides filling some 'ecclesiastic posts, he was professor of philosophy and divinity in Italy, Spain, Portugal, at Toulouse in France, and lastly at Doway, where he lived during his latter years, and employed his leisure time in publishing editions of various works from Mss. illustrated with notes. He died there June 21, 1632. His works are, 1. “Nicolai Harpsfeldii Hist. Eccles. Angliae.” 2. “Opera divi jElredi, abbatis Riavallensis, Cisterciensis,” Doway, 1631, 8vo. 3. “Divi Amaduei, Episc. Lausannae, de Maria virgine matre, Homilia? octo,” Audomaropoli (St. Omer’s), 12mo. 4. “Vita bead Gosvini, &c.” 5. “Summa casuum conscientiae Francisci Toleti cardinalis,” with notes. 6. “F. Riberee Comment, in duodecirn prophetas minores,” Doway, 1612, &c. &c. 2


Alegambe.—Dodd’s Ch. Hist.