Glandorp, John

, a learned philologist of the sixteenth century, was born at Munster. He studied under Melancthon at Wittemberg, and became very distinguished for his critical knowledge of Greek and Latin. In 1533 he disputed publicly against the anabaptists at Munster. After visiting the principal German academies, he was elected rector of the college at Hanover, but, upon some dispute, he quitted in 1555, and retiring to Goslar, was followed by iriost of his scholars; but here again he had the misfortune to render himself unpopular, and was obliged to leave the place in 1560, on which he went to Marpurg, and was made professor of history. He died in 1564. His works are, 1. “Sylva Carminum Elegiacorum” 2. “Descriptio Gentis Antoniac” 3. “Familiae Julias Gentis” 4. “Disticha Sacra et Moralia” 5. “Annotat. in Jul. Cæsaris Comment.;” 6. “Annotat. in Ciceroniæ Epist. Famil.;” 7. “Onomasticon Historiae Romanae.2


Mreri. —Saxii Onomasticon.