Glassius, Solomon

, an eminent German divine and critic, was born May 20, 1593, at Sondershausen, in Thuringia, and after some education under a private tutor, was sent in 1612 to Jena, where he was admitted to the degree of D. D. and was made professor of divinity. He was also appointed superintendant of the churches and schools in the duchy of Saxe-Gotha, and exercised the duties of these offices with great reputation. He died at Gotha July 27, 1656. His principal work was published in 1623, 4to, entitled “Philologia Sacra,” which is pronounced by Mosheim and Buddeus to be extremely useful for the interpretation of Scripture, as it throws much light upon the language and phraseology of the inspired writers. There have been several editions, the last at Leipsic, in 1776, by professor Dathius, under the title “Philologia Sacra his temporibus accommodata.” He was author, likewise, of “Onomatologia Messiac Prophetica” “Christologia Mosaica et Davidica” “Exegesis Evangeliorum et Epistolarum,” and some other pieces. 1


Freheri Theatrum. —Moreri, Saxii Ouomast