Graaf, Regnier De

, a celebrated physician, was born at Schoonhaven, in Holland, where his father was an eminent architect, July 30, 1641. After having laid a proper foundation for classical learning, he went to study physic at Leydtfn; in which science he made so great progress, that in 1663 he published a treatise “De Succo Pancreatico,” which did him the highest honour. Two years after he went to France, and was made M. D. at Angers; but returned to Holland the year after, and settled at Delft, where he had very extensive practice, tie married in 1672, and died Aug. 17, 1673, when he was only thirty-two years of age. He published three pieces upon the organs of generation both in men and women, upon | which subject he had a very warm controversy with Swammerdam. His works, with his life prefixed, were published in 8vo, at Leyden, in 1677 and 1705; and were translated into Flemish, and published at Amsterdam in 1686. 1


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