Gratarolus, William

, a learned physician of the sixteenth century, was born at Bergamo in Italy in 1510, and was educated at Padua, where he took his degrees with great reputation; but having embraced the doctrines of the reformers, with which Peter Martyr made him acquainted, he was obliged to make his escape, and went into Germany, that he might live undisturbed in the | protestant religion. After some stay at Basil, he was invited to Marpurg to be physic-professor; but in a short time returned to Basil, and died there in 1562, or as some think in 1666, or 1668, which last seems most correct. He wrote a great many books, as, “De Memoria reparanua, augenda, conservanda, ac Reminiscentia. De Prsedictione Morum, Naturarumque Hominum facili, & Inspectione parti am corporis. Prognostica Naturalia de Temporum mutatione perpetua, ordine Literarnm. De Lite>atorum & eorum qui Magistratibus funguntur, conservanda, preservandaque valetudine. De Vim Natura, artiiicio & usu Deque omni Re Potabili. De Regimine iter Agentium, vel Equitum, vel Peditum, vel Navi, vel Curru viatoribus quibusque Utilissimi Libri duo.” He likewise made a collection of several tracts touching the sweating-sickness in England. Some of these works are honourable to his talents, and evince a large share of knowledge; but in others he shews an attachment to the absurdities of alchemy, much superstition, and opinions which do not imply a sound judgment. 1


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