Guicciardini, Lewis

, nephew of the preceding, was born at Florence in 1521, and was educated with a view to general science, in the pursuit of which he gave the preference to mathematics, geography, and history. About 1550 he took up his residence in the Low Countries, where he continued till his death, March 22, 1589. He was author of many works, of which the principal is “A Description of the Low Countries,” which is in great esteem for the accuracy of its relations. His other works are “Commentaries on the Affairs of Europe, particularly in the Low Countries, from 1529 to 1560.” “Remarkable words and actions of Princes,” &c. “Hours of Amusement;” and a collection of the precepts and maxims of his illustrious relation. He was buried in the cathedral of Antwerp, where an honourable inscription is placed to hi* memory. 1


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