Herbin, Augustus Francis Julian

, an able Oriental scholar, was born March 15, 1783, and from his earliest years appears to have devoted his attention to the study of the Oriental languages. From the age of sixteen he began to compose an Arabic grammar, the first part of which was published at Paris, 1803, 4to. and folio, under the title “Developpemens des principes de la Langue Arabe moderne,” &c. The second part has not yet appeared. In his twenty-first year, his talents and reputation procured his admission into the academy of sciences, belles-lettres, and arts. Besides his knowledge of Oriental languages, he was ably versed in the best Greek, Latin, Italian, and English authors. He published also a “Treatise on ancient Music,” and an account of Hafiz, the Persian poet, with specimens of his poetry translated. Of this, however, he printed only a small number, in 1806. He died in his twenty-third year, Dec. 30, 1806, leaving many Mss. which prove his death an irreparable loss to the learned world. 2


Dict. Hit.