Herbinius, John

, a native of Bitschen in Silesia, where he was born in 1632, was deputed by the Polish protestant churches to those of Germany, Holland, &c. in 16.64. This employment leading him to travel, he took the opportunity of examining such matters as interested his curiosity, particularly cataracts and water-falls^ which produced the following publications: 1. “De Admirandis Mundi Cataractis,” &c. Amsterdam, 1678, 4to. 2. “Kiovia subterranea.” 3. “Terrse motus et quietis exarnen.” He wrote also, 4. “De statu Ecclesiarum Augustanae confessionis in Polonia,1670, 4to. 5. “Tragicocomcedia, et Ludi innocui de Juljano Imperatore Apostata,” &c. He died in 1676. 3


Niceron, vol. XXV, —Moreri.