, nephew of the preceding on the mother’s side, was made bishop of Laon before the age prescribed by the canons. His irregular conduct, injustice, and violent proceedings against his clergy, occasioned the | council of Verberie, in which he was accused by Charles the Bald; but the proceeding was suspended by an apneal to the pope. Hincmar was less fortunate in the council of Douzi in 871, where being accused of sedition, calumny, and disobedience to the king by open force, his uncle pronounced sentence against him, and he was banished, confined in irons, and his eyes put out. Another bishop was appointed in his room;however in 878 he was reinstated; but died soon after. His vindications may be found in the History of the Council of Douzi, 1658, 4to. 1


Cave, vol. II, —Dupin.