Hunt, Stephen

, of Canterbury, the son of Mr. Nicholas Hunt of that city (an intimate and worthy friend of Arch. Tillotson, and to whom, whilst labouring under a cancer, he addressed that most excellent letter of consolation, printed in his life by Birch, p. 135), was admitted a scholar of C. C. C. Cambridge, Jan. 29, 1693. After taking the degree of M. B. in 1699, he practised physic at Canterbury, and became a collector of Roman coins, vessels, and utensils, particularly of those about Reculver and Richborough, after the manner of archdeacon Batteley, in | his “Antiquitates Rutupina?;” all which, together with his books and manuscripts, he bequeathed to the library of that cathedral. He was esteemed a learned antiquary. The time of his death is uncertain. 1


Masters’s Hist, of Corpus Chtisti College, Cambridge.