Hutter, Leonard

, was also a native of Ulm, and born in 1563. He studied at Strasbourg, and early applied himself with great diligence to theology; he was afterwards at Leipsic, Heidelberg, Jena, and Wirtemburg, and in the latter place was appointed one of the public professors of theology. He married a lady of illustrious birth in 1599; and died of a fever in 1616, being then, for the fourth time rector of the university. The opinion held of his principles may be judged by five anagrams of his names Leonardus Hutterus, four of them implying that he was another Luther. They are formed, says the author who gives them, “per literarum haud vanam transposijtionem;” thus, “Redonatus Lutherus;” “Leonhartus Hutterus;” “Ah tu noster Lutherus-,” “Notus arte Lutherus;” “Tantus ero Lutherus.” His works are very numerous; a great part of them controversial, directed against the church of Rome. Besides these, 1. “Compendium Theologiae, cum Notis D. Gotofredi Cundisii.” 2. “Explicatio Libri Concordiae Christiante,” 8vo. 3. “Loci Communes Theologici,” folio. 4. “formulae concionandi,” 8vo. 5. “Disputationes de verbo Dei scripto, ac traditionihus non scriptis,” in 4to, 6. “Collegium Theologicum, sive XI disputationes de articulis confessionis Augustanse,” 8vo. 7. “Libri Christianae Concordisc,” 8vo; and several pieces in defence of the Formula: Concordiae, which in his time were highly esteemed; besides many other tracts in Latin, and in | German, all of which are enumerated by Freher, but seem too uninteresting at the present day to be transcribed. 1


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