Juncker, Christian

, was born Oct. 16, 1668, at Dresden. He acquired great knowledge of the belles lettres and medals, and was successively teacher at Schleusingen, Eysenach, and Altenburg, where he died June 19, 1714. He had been admitted a member of the royal society at Berlin in 1711. He left a great number of German translations from ancient authors, and several editions of classic authors, with notes, in the style of those published by Minellius also, “Schediasma de Diariis eruditorum” “Centuria feminarum eruditione et scriptis illustrium” “Theatrurn Latinitatis. universae RegheroJunkerianum,” “Lineoe eruditionis universae et Historiae Philosophical;” “Vita Lutheri ex nummis,” “Vita Ludolphi,” &c. He was historiographer to the Ernestine branch of the house of Saxony. Poverty obliged him to write rather in haste, which may be discovered in his works. 2


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