Lafitau, Peter Francis

, brother to the preceding, was born in 1685, at Bourdeaux. He entered among the Jesuits early in life, and distinguished himself by his talents for the pulpit; but being sent to Rome on account of the disputes concerning the bull Unigenitus, Clement XI. was so pleased with his lively sallies, that he could not part with him; and Lafitau, taking advantage of the pope’s partiality, quitted his order, and was appointed bishop of Sisteron. His diocese was not much edified by him at first,­but in the latter part of his life, he is said to have been an example to his clergy, and devoted himself wholly to episcopal duties. Duclos, however, gives him a shocking characterfor immorality. He died April 5, 1764. His attachment to the bull Unigenitus, induced him to publish some works written with more ease of style, than truth as to facts, such as “Histoire de la Constitution Unigenitus,” 2 vols. 12mo; the “History of Clement XI.;” and some volumes of Sermons," and devotional tracts. 2