Lanini, Bernardino

, an historical painter, was a native of Vercelli) a pupil of Gaudenzio Ferrari, and imitated the style of that master in his first works to a degree of illusion. As he advanced in practice he cast a bolder eye on nature, and by equal vigour of conception and execution, proved to the first artists of Milan, that, like Ferrari, he was born for grand subjects such is that of S. Catarina, near S. Celso the face and attitude of the heroine anticipate the graces of Guido the colour of the whole approaches the tones of Titian, the glory of the angels rivals Gaudenzio; a less neglected style of drapery would have left little to wish for. Among his copious works at Milan, and in its districts, the dome of Novara claims distinguished notice. There he painted those Sybils, and that semblance of an Eternal Father, so much admired by Lomazzo; and near them certain subjects from the life of Mary, which even now, in a ruined state of colour, enchant by spirit and evidence of design. His versatile talent indulged sometimes in imitations of Lionardo da Vinci; and at the Basilica of St. Ambrogio, the figure of Christ between two Angels, in form, expression, and effect, fully proves with what felicity he penetrated the principles of that genius.

He had two brothers unknown beyond Vercelli; Gaudenzio, of whom some sainted subject is said to exist in the sacristy of the Barnabites; and Girolamo Lamm, of whom Lanzi mentions a Christ taken from the Cross, in some private collection. They approach Bernardino in their style of faces, and the former even in strength of colour but they remain far behind him in design. This artist died about 1578. 2


Pilkington, last edit, by Fusili.