Leger, Anthony

, a learned Protestant divine, was born in 1594, at Ville Seiche, in the valley of St. Martin in Piedmont. Going to Constantinople as chaplain to the ambassador from the States-general, he formed a friendship in that city with the famous Cyrillus Lucar, and obtained from him a confession of the faith of the Greek and Eastern churches. On his return to the Vallies he was appointed minister there; but being condemned to death by the duke of Savoy, took refuge in Geneva, where he was made professor of divinity, and died in 1661. He left an edition of the New Testament in the original Greek, and vulgar Greek, 2 vols. 4to. His son, Anthony Leger, born 1652, at Geneva, was a celebrated preacher, and five volumes of his sermons have been published since his death, which happened at Geneva, in 1719. 2