Leowitz, Cyprian

, a celebrated astronomer in the sixteenth century, was born in Bohemia, and was appointed mathematician to Otho Henry, elector palatine. He acquired a high reputation by his astronomical productions, of which the principal were, “Ephemerides ab anno 1556 ad ann. 1606;” “Expedita Ratio constituendi Tin-mat is coelestis” “Loca stellarum fixarum ab anno Dom. 1549 usque in ann. 2029” and “De Eclipsibus Liber.Tycho Brahe paid him a visit in 1569, when they had several conversations on their favourite subjects. Notwithstanding the great learning of Leowitz, he was weak enough to become the dupe of judicial astrology. He died in Swabia 1574. He had predicted that the world would come to an end in 1584; and of this prophecy many priests and preachers took advantage as the important period approached, and enriched themselves at the expence of the fears of their people. 2


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