Events noted in 1560

The event pages are experimental; the OCR errors in the text mean this is incomplete and unreliable but I offer it in the hopes that it will be of some use. Events shown include births and deaths of people with their own entries, and also the publication dates of some of the works cited.

1550 1570


Born: Abbot, Robert archbishop

Died: Acontius, James divine

Died: Adria, John James historian

Publication: “Novellae Justiniani Imp. Constitutiones,” by Agylæus, Henry lawyer

Publication: “Justiniani edicta: Justini, Tiberii, Leonis philosophi constitutiones, et Zenonis nna,” by Agylæus, Henry lawyer

Born: Alderete, Joseph And Bernard two brothers

Born: Allibond, Peter was born in 1560 at Wardenton

Publication: “L'Opere Toscane,” by Ammanati, Bartholomew architect

Publication: “Annotazioni sopra la seconde parte de Sonetti di Bernardino Rota fatti in morte di Porzia Capece sua moglia,” by Ammirato, Scipio historian

Publication: “Life of the brave la None, surnamed Iron-arm,” by Amyraut, Moses divine

Born: Arminius, James founder of the sect of Arminians (15601609)

Born: Arpino, Joseph D' painter

Publication: “Rime di M. Bernardo Cappello,” by Atanagi, Dennis a native of Cagli

Publication: “A consolatory oration upon the death of Messire Francis Olivier, chancellor of France,” by Auge, Daniel D' in Latin Augentius

Publication: “Two dialogues concerning Poetical Invention, the true knowledge of the Art of Oratory, and of the Fiction of Fable,” by Auge, Daniel D' in Latin Augentius

Died: Backer, James painter

Born: Bacon, Francis Viscount St

Born: Barlowe, William son of the above

Publication: “Procli in primuin elementorum Euclidis libri quatuor,” by Barocci, Francis a patrician or senator of Venice

Publication: “Various treatises,” by Beacon, Thomas one of the English reformers

Died: Bellay, John Du cardinal

Publication: “Confessio Christiana? fidei, cum Papisticis haeresibus, ex typ. I. Bonoe fidei,” by Beza, Theodore one of the chief promoters of the Reformation

Publication: “De curandis vulneribus sclopetorum,” by Botallus, Leonard physician

Born: Boys, John one of the translators of the Bible in the reign of James I. was son of William Bois

Born: Brueghel, John known

Died: Canus, Melchior divine

Died: Capilupi, Lelio of Mantua

Publication: “Letters to John Jewell, bishop of Salisbury, upon occasion of a Sermon that the said bishop preached before the queen’s majesty and her honourable council, anno 1560,” by Cole, Henry a person of considerable learning in the sixteenth century

Died: Columbus, Christopher a Genoese

Publication: “Cantiques spirituels en nombre 26,” by Cordier, Mathurin in Latin Corderius

Publication: “Livre de Perspective,” by Cousin, John artist

Born: Crichton, James was a Scotch gentleman

Born: Cuff, Henry scholar

Died: Dossi, Dosso artist

Died: Edgeworth, Roger residentiary and chancellor of Wells

Died: Erskine, John baron of Dun

Born: Facini, Peter painter

Publication: “Upon the true use of the Cross,” by Farel, William a learned minister of the church (?–1565)

Born: Fulbeck, William writer

Publication: “Anti-prognosticon contra predictiones Nostradami,” by Fulke, William divine

Publication: “Chronology,” by Funch, John divine

Publication: “there is something analogous to the genius of Raphael; the composition, the vivacity of the face, the choice of colours, something ideal in the use of nature, betray similar maxims, with inferior powers.” by Ghirlandaio, Domenico painter

Born: Greene, Robert poet

Died: Grevin, James poet and physician

Born: Gruterus, Janus a celebrated philologer

Died: Gustavus, Vasa king of Sweden

Died: Harpsfeld, John dean

Publication: “Supputatio temporum a diluvio ad A.D. 1559,” by Harpsfeld, John dean

Born: Harriot, Thomas mathematician

Publication: “Optimates: sive de nobilitate, ejusque autiqua origine, &c.” by Humphrey, Laurence writer

Publication: “No. xx. 8. Another letter to the same, dated Feb. 8, 1566, concerning his controversy with Hardy nge, ibid. No. 36, 37. 9.” by Jewel, John prelate

Publication: “Raggionamento fatto sopra Tinfermita epidemica dell* anno 1558,” by Ingrassias, Jon Philip physician

Born: Kellison, Matthew writer

Born: Knolles, Richard author of an excellent History of the Turks

Died: Laguna, Andrew physician

Publication: “A Treatise of Weights and Measures.” by Laguna, Andrew physician

Publication: “Observationum Medicinalium Libri tres,” by Lommius, Jodocus writer

Died: Mary queen

Died: Melancthon, Philip whom the common consent of all ecclesiastical historians has placed among the most eminent of the reformers

Publication: “Mercator Tragedia,” by Naogeorge, Thomas divine

Publication: “Epigrammata seria,” by Parkhurst, John prelate

Died: Pena, John mathematician

Publication: “Commentary of Aggeus (Haggai) the Prophet,” by Pilkington, James prelate

Born: Pits, John an English biographer

Born: Richer, Edmund divine

Born: Rittershusius, Conradus a learned civilian and philologer of Germany

Died: Robertson, Thomas an eminent grammarian

Publication: “Liturgies,” by Sainctes, Claudius De in Latin Sanctesius

Born: Schidoni was born at Modena in 1560

Born: Schmidt, Erasmus scholar

Died: Soto, Dominic Dominican

Born: Southwell, Robert Jesuit

Publication: “Pindari et casterorum octo Grfficorum carmina,” by Stephanus, Henry the second of the name

Born: Tate, Francis antiquary

Died: White, John bishop

Died: Whittingham, William dean

Died: Zanchius, Basil one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century


Publication: “Responsa nunquam antehac edita,” by Alciati, Andrew lawyer

Publication: “Second livre d' Architecture,” by Androuet-Du-Cerceau, James architect (15111584)

Publication: “Semplici dell' eccelente M. Anguillara, li quali in piu pareri a diversi nobili nomini scritti appajono et nuovamente da M. Giovanni Marinello mandati in luce,” by Anguillara, Louis botanist

Publication: “Stockhornii et Nessi Helvetia? montium, et nascentium in eis stirpiuni descriptio, impr. in operibus Val. Cordi,” by Aretius, Benedictus botanist

Publication: “Rime e versi Latini di diversi, in morte d' Irene di Spilimbergo,” by Atanagi, Dennis a native of Cagli

Publication: “Delle Lettere facete e piacevoli di diversi uomini grandi e chiari e begl'ingegni, raccolte, &c. libroprimo,” by Atanagi, Dennis a native of Cagli

Died: Baduel, Claude in Latin Baduellus

Born: Baudius, Dominic professor of history in the university of Leyden

Publication: “Uisputationes duas de jure civili, cum Papiniani vita,” by Baudouin, Francis in Latin Balduinus

Publication: “Pater elegantiarum, Pater omnium leporum.” by Bellay, Joachim Du poet

Born: Besler, Basil botanist

Publication: “Comedie du Pape malade, par Thrasibule Phenice,” by Beza, Theodore one of the chief promoters of the Reformation

Born: Brett, Richard divine

Died: Carne, Sir Edward an eminent civilian of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Traite des Hernies,” by Cheselden, William anatomist

Publication: “Apostles Creed,” by Cockburn, Patrick professor of the Oriental languages at Paris

Publication: “Remarks on Dioscorides,” by Cordus, Valerius and worthy of his father

Publication: “Historia stirpium, libri v.” by Cordus, Valerius and worthy of his father

Born: Danckert is the name of a family of engravers of considerable reputation in Holland. Cornelius Danckkkts

Born: Dominis, Mark Antony De archbishop

Publication: “Esposizioue delle tre Canzoni di Francesco Petrarca chiamate le tve Sorelle,” by Erizzo, Sebastian writer

Born: Expilli, Claude president of the parliament of Grenoble

Born: Field, Richard divine

Publication: “A Philosophical Summary,” by Flamel, Nicholas falsely celebrated as an alchymist

Publication: “Pharmacopeia medicamentorum omnium, quie hodie ad publica medentium munia in officinis extant, tractationem et usum ex antiquorum Medicorum pnescripto continens,” by Foesius, Anutius physician

Died: Garamond, Claude engraver

Born: Garrard, Marc painter

Born: Godwin, Francis was born at Havington in Northamptonshire

Born: Gretser, James a learned German

Born: Harrington, Sir John poet

Born: Harsnet, Samuel prelate

Publication: “Decrees” by Ives in Latin Ivo

Born: Lansberg, Philip mathematician

Born: Lid Del, Duncan professor of mathematics

Publication: “Nouvelles Inventions pour bien bastir & a petit frais,” by Lorme, Philibert De master of the works to the French kin;'

Publication: “Epistolarum Medicinalium, Libri V.” by Matthiolus, Peter Andrew physician

Died: Menno, Simon surnamed Simon

Publication: “Annales rerum Flandricarum,” by Meyer, James historian

Died: Mornay, Philip De lord of Plessis Marly

Born: Powell, Griffith principal of Jesus college

Born: Raderus, Matthew Jesuit

Born: Resenjus, John Paul divine

Born: Sanctorius physician

Born: Sandys, Sir Edwin was born in Worcestershire about 1561

Publication: “Poetices Libri Septem,” by Scaliger, Juuus Caesar critic


Born: Abbot, George archbishop (?–1633)

Publication: “Observations on the vulgar Tongue,” by Accarisi, Albert a native of Cento in the duchy of Ferrara

Publication: “Hist. Buceri,” by Ackworth, George divine

Died: Alava Esquivel, Diego De bishop

Died: Amerbach, John a learned printer of the fifteenth century

Born: Amico, Bartholomew Jesuit

Publication: “De conciliorum autoritate,” by Andrada, Diego De Payva D' a learned Portuguese

Born: Andreini, Isabella was born at Padua in 1562

Publication: “A Discourse on Honour,” by Attendolo, Darius a military character

Publication: “Elegiarum liber unus,” by Ayala, Gabriel physician

Publication: “Apologia triplex adversus Joannem Calvinum ac Theodorum Bezam,” by Baudouin, Francis in Latin Balduinus

Born: Birago, Francis an Italian author of great authority in the science of which he may be said to have been professor

Born: Blackwell, George writer

Died: Bocchi, Achilles scholar

Born: Boyd, Mark Alexander writer

Publication: “A short and pithie defence of the doctrine of the holy Election and Predestination of God,” by Bradford, John queen

Publication: “Urbis Pictaviensis (Poitiers) tumultus, ej usque Restitutio,” by Bronchorst, John of Nimeguen

Publication: “Regimen against the Pleurisy,” by Bulleyn, William botanist

Publication: “Bulwark of defence against all sickness, soreness, and wounds, that daily assault mankind,” by Bulleyn, William botanist

Died: Cavalcanti, Bartholomew writer

Publication: “Bellum Sacrum Gallicum, Poema,” by Chopin, Rene lawyer

Publication: “Horologiorum Descriptio,” by Commandine, Frederick mathematician

Publication: “Ptolomuei Analemma,” by Commandine, Frederick mathematician

Born: Daniel, Samuel historian

Publication: “Primaleone,” by Dolce, Lewis writer

Died: Gibson, Thomas a native of Morpeth in Northumberland

Born: Gongora, Lewis De poet

Died: Gratarolus, William physician

Publication: “An Apology against the untrue and slanderous report, that he should be a maintainer and encourager of such that cursed the queen’s highness,” by Hooper, John prelate

Publication: “Historia ecclesiastics congesta per Magdeburgenses, et alios,” by Judex, Matthew one of the principal writers of the Centuries of Magdeburg

Born: Longomontanus, Christian astronomer

Publication: “De compescendis animi affectibus per moralem philosophiam et medendi artem, Tractatus in tres Libros divisus,” by Luisinus, Louis physician

Died: Mabuse, John De artist

Publication: “De mundi exitio per exustionem libri quinque,” by Maggi, Jerome an ingenious and learned man of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Genesis, cum catholica expositione,” by Marlorat, Augustine divine

Publication: “Liber Psalmorum, et Cantica, &c.” by Marlorat, Augustine divine

Born: Martyn, William recorder of Exeter

Publication: “Hie jacet religio cum superstitione.” by Martyn, William recorder of Exeter

Died: Monte-Mayor, George De poet

Born: Navarete, Juan Hernandez painter

Born: Osiander, Andrew grandson of the preceding Andrew

Died: Phaer, Thomas physician

Publication: “Articles of Religion” by Rainolds, John one of the most learned and eminent divines of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Vita Opera Urbani Regii, reddita per Ernest. Regium,” by Regius, Urban a name he thought proper to change

Born: Rider, John prelate

Born: Smiglecius, Martin Jesuit

Died: Socinus, Lælius a man of great learning and abilities

Born: Spelman, Sir Henry antiquary

Died: Sutton, Thomas founder of the Charter-bouse school and hospital

Publication: “In Mimum Publianum lib. 1,” by Taverner, Richard a pious layman of the reigns of Henry VIII

Publication: “Balliolenus, Flander,” by Thorie, John one of a family of that name

Publication: “On the Church and the Papal Authority,” by Torquemada, John De Dominican

Born: Vega, Lopez De La poet

Born: Willet, Andrew divine (15621621)


Died: Bale, John in Latin Baleus or Balæus

Publication: “The reliques of Rome,” by Beacon, Thomas one of the English reformers

Born: Berault, Michael pastor and professor of theology at Montauban

Publication: “Notes on Lactantius,” by Betuleius, Sixtus whose name in German was Birck

Publication: “Traduction en vers Franais des Pseaumes omis par Marot,” by Beza, Theodore one of the chief promoters of the Reformation

Died: Boethie, Stephen De La of Sarlat

Born: Bonarelli, Guy Ubaldo was born December 25

Died: Brodeau, John in Latin Brod&Us

Born: Bull, John musician

Died: Castalio, Sebastian was born in 1515

Publication: “C|ironologia historice lierodoti et Thucydidis,” by Chytræus, David whose family name was Kochhafe

Born: Drayton, Michael poet

Born: Edmondes, Sir Thomas knt. memorable for his embassies at several courts

Died: Episcopius, Nicholas under which name

Publication: “Opuscula Anatomica, nempe de Renum structura, officio, et administratione de auditus organo ossium examen de mom capitis de vena quae azygos dicitur, et de alia, quae in flexn brachii communem profundam producit de dentibus,” by Eustachius, Bartholomew one of the most celebrated anatomists of the sixteenth century (1514–?)

Publication: “Ciceronis Orationes Philippicae,” by Faerno, Gabriel philologist

Died: Fallopius, Gabriel physician and anatomist

Died: Ferron, Arnauld Du lawyer

Died: Gelli, John Baptist writer

Born: Gentileschi, Horatio painter

Died: Grimbold, Nicholas poet

Publication: “Reformatio Legum Ecclesiasticarum,” by Haddon, Dr. Walter scholar (?–1572)

Born: Hildersham, Arthur divine

Born: Hutter, Leonard was also a native of Ulm

Publication: “De curandis Febribus continuis Liber,” by Lommius, Jodocus writer

Died: Lorit, Henry commonly called Glareanus

Publication: “Disputatio adversus viginti Problemata Melchioris Guilandi,” by Matthiolus, Peter Andrew physician

Died: Musculus, Wolfgang divine

Died: Oleaster, Jerome Dominican

Publication: “Reliques of Rome,” by Parkhurst, John prelate

Publication: “Sonnets sur le tombeau du Seigneur de la Chatre, 1569, 8vo. 4.” by Passerat, John a celebrated professor of eloquence in the royal college at Paris

Publication: “De dimensione circuli,” by Pelletier, Jaques physician

Publication: “Burning of St. Paul’s Church in London, in 1561,” by Pilkington, James prelate

Born: Pois, Charles Le was born at Nancy in 1563

Died: Salviati, Francisco Rossi called Tl Salviati

Born: Smith, John divine

Died: Smith, Richard divine

Died: Soto, Peter but more connected with this country

Publication: “Admonitio de abusu linguae Graecae in quibusdam vocibus quas Latina usurpat,” by Stephanus, Henry the second of the name

Born: Sylvester, Joshua the laborious and quaint translator of Du Bartas

Born: Tilenus, Daniel divine

Born: Vanni, Francis painter

Died: Vere, Edward seventeenth earl of Oxford


Publication: “Decisiones Neapolitans antiquse et novae,” by Afflitto, Matthew lawyer

Publication: “Panoplia omnium liberalium, mechanic-drum et sedentiarium artium genera continens,” by Amman, Jost painter and engraver

Publication: “Orthodoxarum explicationum, lib. x.” by Andrada, Diego De Payva D' a learned Portuguese

Publication: “Jacob! Angeli historica na'rratio de vita, rebusque gestis M. Tullii Ciceronis,” by Angelo, James writer

Died: Anguillara, John Andrew De one of the most celebrated Italian poets of the sixteenth century

Publication: “On the nature of the Universe,” by Archytas of Tarentum

Born: Avantio, John Maria lawyer

Born: Bathe, William Jesuit

Publication: “His works,” by Beacon, Thomas one of the English reformers

Died: Bibliander, Theodore divine

Born: Bloemart, Abraham painter

Publication: “Book of Discipline.” by Buchanan, George historian

Born: Buckland, Ralph divine

Died: Bullinger, Henry one of the reformers

Born: Buxtorf, John the first of a learned family

Publication: “Novarum lectionum libri octo,” by Canterus, Willum an eminent linguist and philologer

Publication: “Latina Monimenta,” by Casa, John De La writer

Publication: “La Baronnie,” by Chretien, Florent poet

Publication: “Scholia in Biblia,” by Clarius, Isidorus one of the most learned divines in the sixteenth century

Born: Cotton, Peter Jesuit

Publication: “Les Sorciers” by Daneau, Lambert divine

Publication: “Monas hieroglyphica ad regem Romanorum Maxirnilianum,” by Dee, John mathematician

Publication: “De Peste, commentarius, preservatio, et curatio,” by Dessenius, Bernard physician

Publication: “A proof of certain articles in Religion denied by Mr. Jewell,” by Dorman, Thomas divine

Born: Duval, Andrew a celebrated doctor of the Sorbonne

Publication: “De tuenda bona Valetudine,” by Eobanus, Hessus poet

Publication: “Juliani Archiepiscopi Prognosticon, sive de futuro seculo, libri tres,” by Epo, Boetius lawyer

Publication: “Centum Fabulae ex antiquis Autoribus delectae, et carminibus explicate,” by Faerno, Gabriel philologist

Publication: “Del Specchio di Scientia Universale,” by Fioravanti, Leonard physician

Born: Forbes, Patrick an eminent Scotsman

Publication: “Hebrew Dictionary,” by Forster, John divine

Born: Frantius, Wolfgang divine

Born: Gill, Alexander head master of St

Died: Glandorp, John philologist

Died: Gribaldus, Matthew surnamed Mofa

Died: Judex, Matthew one of the principal writers of the Centuries of Magdeburg

Publication: “Constitutiones et Capitula, necnoh Jurisdictiones Regii Proto-Medicatds officii, cum Pandectis ejusdem reformatis,” by Ingrassias, Jon Philip physician

Publication: “Miscellanea, sive variae lectiones,” by Maggi, Jerome an ingenious and learned man of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Jesaise Prophetia,” by Marlorat, Augustine divine

Born: Menestrier, John Baptist Le of Dijon

Died: Morel is the name of a family well known among the eminent French printers (15601638)

Born: Morton, Thomas bishop

Publication: “Conseil sur le fait du, Concile de Trente,” by Moulin, Charles Du in Latin Molinæus (15001566)

Born: Nash, Thomas poet

Publication: “Graecae Linguae Tabulae,” by Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Catechesis parva Martini Lutheri Graeco-Latina,” by Neander, Michael one of the most learned men of the sixteenth century

Publication: “Libro de Algebra en Arithmetica y Geometra,” by Nonius, Peter mathematician

Died: Occo, Adolphus one of a family' of physicians of considerable eminence

Died: Ochinus, Bernardin a celebrated Italian

Publication: “Expositio in disputationem Jacobi Carpenterii de Methodo,” by Ossat, Arnaud D' cardinal

Born: Paaw, Peter physician and anatomist (15641617)

Born: Shakspeare, William the most illustrious name in the history of English dramatic poetry

Died: Stephanus, Charles and third son of Henry

Publication: “Fragmenta poetarum veterum Latinorum, quorum opera non extant,” by Stephanus, Henry the second of the name

Publication: “Dictionarium medicum,” by Stephanus, Henry the second of the name

Publication: “Traite des Danses, auquel il est demontre qu'elles sont accessoires et dependances de paillardise,” by Stephanus, Francis Francis Stephens

Died: Tornasius, John the first of a family of eminent printers and booksellers

Died: Udine, Giovanna Da artist

Died: Vesalius, Andrew anatomist

Publication: “Instruction Chretienne en la doctrine de la loi et de l'evangile, &c.” by Viret, Peter an able assistant in the reformation

Died: Whitehead, David divine (1505–?)


Died: Amsdorf, Nicholas an associate of Luther in the reformation

Publication: “Discorso intorno l'origine de Cardinali,” by Angeli, Bonaventure historian

Publication: “On bodies that float upon fluids,” by Archimedes one of the most celebrated mathematicians among the ancients

Born: Argensola the name of two Spanish poets

Born: Ashley, Robert a Wiltshire gentleman

Publication: “De le rime di clivers! nobili poeti Toscani,” by Atanagi, Dennis a native of Cagli

Born: Audiguier, Vital De a French nobleman

Publication: “Divine Tracts,” by Auge, Daniel D' in Latin Augentius

Born: Baudart, William divine

Publication: “History of the New World,” by Benzoni, Jerom a Milanese

Born: Bertius, Peter cosmographer and historiographer to Louis XIII. of France

Died: Betussi, Joseph scholar

Publication: “P. Bissarti opera omnia viz. poemata, orationes, lectiones feriales, &c.” by Bissat, Patrick professor of canon law in the university of Bononia in Italy

Publication: “Commentarioli duo, alter de medici, alter de aegvoti, munere,” by Botallus, Leonard physician

Born: Brandmuller, James was born in 1565

Born: Brerewood, Edward antiquary

Publication: “Treatise of the Cross, gathered out of the Scriptures, Councils, and ancient Fathers of the primitive Church,” by Calfhill, James divine

Born: Carpzovius, Benedict the first of a learned family in Germany

Died: Chaloner, Sir Thomas a gallant soldier

Born: Chiaramonti, Scipio in Latin Claramontius

Publication: “De Centre Gravitatis Solidorum,” by Commandine, Frederick mathematician

Publication: “Archimedis de iis qua? vehuntur in aqua,” by Commandine, Frederick mathematician

Publication: “Dictionarium historicum & poeticum,” by Cooper, Thomas bishop

Publication: “This makes a third volume, which has scarcely any relation to the former, nor is either of much value. 5. A Latin translation of Guicciardini’s history, 1566, 2 vols. fol. 6.” by Curio, Cœlius Secundus of Piemont

Publication: “La Zucca,” by Doni, Anthony Francis a Florentine

Publication: “A Disproof of Mr. Alexander Nowell'a Reproof,” by Dorman, Thomas divine

Publication: “Shaklocki, epigrammatis in mortem Cuthberti Scoti, apomaxis,” by Drant, Thomas divine and poet

Died: Ferrari, Lewis inventor of the first method of resolving biquadratic equations

Publication: “Observations sur la Coutume de Bourdeaux,” by Ferron, Arnauld Du lawyer

Publication: “Vitae recentiorum jurisconsultorum,” by Fichard, John lawyer

Publication: “Regimento della Peste,” by Fioravanti, Leonard physician

Born: Freher, Marquard a German

Publication: “De Prisco Sermone, ad Chalcidium,” by Fulgentius Planciades, Fabius who is sometimes confounded with the preceding St

Born: Gentilis, Scipio brother of Alberic Gentilis

Died: Gesner, Conrad scholar

Publication: “Ovid’s Metamorphoses,” by Golding, Arthur a man of some poetical turn

Born: Go Urn Ay, Mary De Jars, Lady Of a French female wit

Died: Govea, Andrew in Latin Goveanus (1493–?)

Publication: “Summarie of the Englyshe Chronicles” by Grafton, Richard historian

Born: Grain, John Baptist Le historian

Died: Grollier, John an eminent patron of literature

Born: Guillim, John writer

Born: Herrera Tordesillas, Antonio De historian

Died: Heywood, John one of the oldest English dramatic writers

Publication: “Songes and sonnettes by the right honorable Henry Howard, late earl of Surrey, and other.” by Howard, Henry Earl of Surrey (?–1547)

Died: Lainez, James a Spaniard

Died: Langius, John physician

Publication: “Bion and Moschus,” by Metkerke or Mekerchus

Publication: “De veteri et recta pronuntiatione linguae Graecas Commentarius,” by Metkerke or Mekerchus

Publication: “Dos Libros de las cosas que se traen de las Indias Occidentales, que sirven al uso de Medicina,” by Monardes, Nicholas physician

Publication: “A Proof,' &c.” by Nowell, Alexander divine (?–1602)

Publication: “Complaintesur la mort d'Adrien Turnebe,” by Passerat, John a celebrated professor of eloquence in the royal college at Paris

Publication: “Tables to Fitzherbert’s Abridgment,” by Rastall, John one of our early printers

Born: Shirley, Anthony traveller

Born: Spotswood, John archbishop

Publication: “Epitome doctrinse de primo motu,” by Strigelius, Victorinus divine

Died: Strozzt, Titus And Hercules father and son

Born: Tassoni, Alessandro poet

Born: Taubman, Frederic critic

Died: Turnebus, Adrian critic

Died: Varchi, Benedict historian

Born: Vere, Sir Horace baron of Tilbury

Born: Winwood, Sir Ralph secretary of state in the reign of James I. was son of Mr (?–1617)


Publication: “In Aristotelis libros octp Politicorum commentarii,” by Acciaioli, Donato was of an illustrious family

Died: Agricola, John divine

Publication: “That the ten commandments, published during the ministry of Moses, were chiefly designed for the Jews, and on that account might be lawfully neglected and laid aside by Christians; and that it was sufficient to explain with perspicuity, and to enforce with zeal, what Christ and his apostles had taught in the New Testament, both with respect to the means of grace and salvation, and the obligations of repentance and virtue.” by Agricola, John divine

Born: Aguado, Francis Jesuit

Publication: “Methodica juris traditio,” by Alciati, Andrew lawyer

Publication: “Judiciarii processus compendium,” by Alciati, Andrew lawyer

Born: Alleyn, Edward queen

Publication: “Dialogo della Medicina d'Amore di Bartolomeo Arnigio,” by Arnigio, Bartholomew physician

Publication: “Postills upon the sundry Gospels,” by Beacon, Thomas one of the English reformers

Publication: “Illustrium jurisconsultorum imagines,” by Benavidio, Mark in Latin Marcus Mantua Benavidius

Publication: “Methodus ad facilem Historiarum cognitionem,” by Bodin, John lawyer

Born: Boyle, Richard statesman

Born: Bracciolini, Francis poet (15661645)

Publication: “Latin oration against the Fornicating Priests,” by Braun, George in Latin Braunius

Born: Budden, John a civilian of Oxford

Died: Cassander, George divine

Born: Cowper, William bishop

Publication: “An Apology of those English preachers and writers which Cerberus, the three-headed dog of hell, chargeth with false doctrine under the name of Predestination,” by Crowley, Robert divine and poet

Born: Dausque, Claudius Jesuit

Born: Day, John was born in his father’s house in Aldersgate-street in 1566

Died: Dolce, Lewis writer

Born: Edmondes, Clement son to sir Thomas Edmondes

Publication: “Negotia, sen poematum piorum libri duo,” by Everard, Nicholas Grudius was born at Louvain

Publication: “Religio patiens,” by Fabricius, Andrew divine

Publication: “Fasti magistratuum et Triumphorum Romanorum, ab urbe condita usque ad Augusti obitum,” by Goltzius, Hubert antiquary

Publication: “De origine et statu populi Romani,” by Goltzius, Hubert antiquary

Died: Hentenius, John Dominican

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Born: Hoskins, John lawyer and poet

Born: James I. king of England

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Died: Joubert, Laurent physician

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Died: Labbe', Louisa surnamed the Beautiful Ropemaker

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Born: Mason, Francis divine

Born: Moryson, Fines a native of Lincolnshire

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Died: Rhodiginus, Ludovicus Cœlius by Scaliger named the Varro of the age

Died: Rondelet, William a celebrated professor of physic at Montpellier

Died: Sackville, Thomas lord Buckhurst and earl of Dorset

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Born: Smith, Richard another Roman catholic champion

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Born: Stephanus, Paul son of the second Henry

Died: Volterra, Daniele Di whose family name was Ricciarelli

Born: Vroon, Henry Cornelius painter

Born: Wilkinson, Henry one of four divines of the name of Wilkinson

Died: Wotton, Nicholas dean

Born: Yelverton, Henry lawyer


Born: Acidalius, Valens a young man of great erudition

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Died: Browne, Sir Anthony an English judge

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Died: Cousin, Gilbert in Latin

Born: Crakanthorpe, Richard where he was born in 1567

Born: Devereux, Robert earl of Essex

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Died: Estrees, John D' grand-master of the artillery of France

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Died: Fidelis, Cassandra a very learned lady

Born: Fienus, Thomas physician

Born: Francis De Sales, St. was born at the castle of Sales

Born: Freminet, Martin painter

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Died: Salisbury, William antiquary

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Born: Swert, Francis antiquary

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Born: Urfe', Honore‘ D’ writer

Born: Wentworth, Thomas the supposed author of a law work of great reputation and authority


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Born: Caccia, William artist

Born: Campanella, Thomas philosopher

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Died: Everard, Adrian Marius was born at Mechlin

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Died: Luisino, Francis of Udina in the Venetian territory

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Born: Moulin, Peter Du a very celebrated French protestant minister

Died: Olahus, Nicholas prelate

Born: Rushton, Edward writer

Born: Smith, Miles bishop

Born: Spondanus, Henry a younger brother of John de Sponde

Born: Thorie, John one of a family of that name

Died: Trincavelli, Victor physician

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Born: Urban Viii., Pope one of those pontiffs who deserve some notice on account of his learning

Born: Wotton, Sir Henry an Englishman


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Born: Caravagio, Michael Angelo Amerigi Da painter

Publication: “an excellent soldier, and a man of honest principles,” by Churchyard, Thomas poet

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Born: Fitzsimons, Henry Jesuit

Publication: “Life of Cardinal Ximenes,” by Gomez De Castro, Alvarez was born at St Eulalia

Died: Jansenius, Cornelius prelate (?–1576)

Born: Janssens, Abraham artist (15691632)

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Died: Kingsmill, Andrew one of the earliest puritan divines

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Born: Monson, Sir William a brave English admiral

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Died: Tansillo, Lewis poet

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Born: Vorstius, Conrade divine