Lievens, Jan

, a historical painter of great merit, was born in 1607, at Ley den, and placed under the care of Joris Van Schooten, and afterwards of Peter | Lastman. Portrait was perhaps that branch of the art in which he uniformly excelled, yet some of his historical pieces are deserving of the highest praise. His,“Resurrection of Lazarus” is a work, Mr. Fuseli says, which, in sublimity of conception, leaves all attempts of other masters on the same subject far behind. His “Contiqence of Scipio,” is also celebrated in very high terms. Another of his performances, applauded by the poets as well as the artists of his time, is his “Student in his library,” the figures as large as life. This was purchased by the prince of Orange, and presented by him to Charles I. It was the means of procuring him a favourable reception at the English court, where he painted the portraits of the royal family and many of the nobility. After residing in England for three years, he went to Antwerp, and was incessantly employed. The time of his death is not specified. 1