Lorry, Anne-Charles

, a learned French physician, was born at Crosny, near Paris, in 1725. In 1748, he was admitted doctor of the faculty of medicine at Paris, and became doctor-regent of the faculty. He was author of several works, some of which still maintain their value. His first publication was entitled “Essai sur l’Usage des Alimens, pour servir de Commentaire aux livres diete”­tiques d’Hippocrate,“Paris, 1753, 12mo; the second part of which appeared in 1757. His next publication was an edition of the Aphorisms of Hippocrates, Greek and Latin, in 1759. Afterwards he produced a treatise” De Melancholia et Morbis Melancholicis,“-ibid. 1765, in two volumes 8vo, and edited Dr. Astruc’s” Memoires pour servir a l’Histoire de la Faculte de Medecine dp Montpeliier,“ibid, 1767, 4to; and” Sanctorii de Medicina Statica,“with a commentary, 1770, in 12mo. His last work, which combined the merits of much erudition and accurate observation, with great clearness of arrangement and perspicuity of language, was” Tractatus de Morbis Cutanais," Paris, 1777, in 4to. Dr. Lorry also edited a Latin edition of the works of Mead, and a French one of Barker’s dissertation on the conformity of the doctrines of ancient and modern medicine. He died at the baths of Bourbonne, in 1783. 3