Louis, Anthony

, an eminent French surgeon, was born at Metz, February 13, 1723. He attained to great reputation in his profession, and was honoured with the numerous appointments of secretary of the royal academy of surgery at Paris, consulting surgeon to the king’s forces, surgeon-major to the hospital La Charité, doctor in surgery of the faculty of Halle, in Saxony, honorary member of the royal college of physicians of Nancy, and member of many of the learned societies, not only in France, but in foreign countries. He died, May 20, 1792, and desired to be interred among the poor in the burial-ground of the hospital de la Salpetriere. In addition to the surgical part of the “Encyclopédie,” which M. Louis wrote, and to several interesting papers presented to the academy of surgery, he | was author pf a great number of works on medical, chirnrgical, and anatomical subjects, the principal of which we shall mention 1. “Observations sur l’Electrical,” &c. Paris, 1741, 12mo. 2. “Essai sur la Nature de PAme, oft l‘on tache d’expliquer son union avec le corps,” ibid. 1746, 12mo. 3. “Cours de Chirurgie pratique sur les plaies d’armes a feu,” ibid. 1746, 4to. 4. “Observations et llemarques sur les eHets du virus cancereux,” &c. ibid. 1748. 4. “Posiiiones Anatomico-chirurgicae de capite ejusque vulneribus,” ibid. 1749. 6. “Lettre sur la certitude des signes de la mort, avec des observations et des experiences sur les noyes,” ibid. 1749, 12mo. In this he fell into the mistake of attributing the death of persons drowned to the entrance of water into the lungs. 7. “Experiences sur la Lithotomie,1757. 8. “Memoire sur une question anatomique, relatif a la jurisprudence,” &.c. 1763. This memoir, written after the shocking affair of Calas, was intended to establish the distinction of the appearances after voluntary death by hanging, and after murder by that mode; and although he has not resolved the difficulty, the performance is ingenious, and the advice given to surgeons excellent. 9. “Memoire sur la lgitimite des naissances pr^tendues tardives,1764, in 8vo; to which he published a supplement in the same year. 10. “Recueil d‘Observations d’Anatomie et de Chirurgie, pour servir de base a la Theorie des lesions de la t^te par contrecoup,1766. 11. “Histoire de PAcademie Royale de Chirurgie depuis son dtablissement jusqu’en 1743,” printed in the fourth volume of the memoirs. His last publication was a translation of M. Astruc’s work “De Morbis Venereis,” into French. In addition to these works, M. Louis also translated Boerhaave’s Aphorisms of Surgery, with Van Swieten’s Commentary; and wrote several eulogies on deceased members of the academy of surgery, and various controversial tracts, especially concerning the disputes between the physicians and surgeons of Paris, in 1748, &.C. 1