Low, George

, a clergyman of Scotland, and an ingenious natural historian, was born at Edzal in Forfarshire, in 1746. He was educated at the colleges of Aberdeen and St. Andrew’s, and afterwards was tutor in the family of Graham, at Stromness in Orkney. During his residence at this place, Mr. (now sir Joseph) Banks and Dr. Soiander arrived at the island on their return from the last voyage of discovery, in which capt. Cook lost his life; and Mr. Low, having early acquired a taste for natural history, was much noticed by those distinguished philosophers, and was requested to accompany them in their excursions through the Orkneys, and also to the Shetland islands, which he accordingly lid.

In 1774- he was ordained minister of Birsay and Haray, a parish in Pomona, or main-land of Orkney, and from this time devoted himself to the duties of his charge, which he continued to fulfil for the remainder of his lite. He employed his leisure chiefly in the study of nature, and his success was highly creditable, considering the many disadvantage-; of a remote situation. Sir Joseph Banks, with his accrstouied zeal for the promotion of science, introduced him to Mr. Pennant, by whose advice he engaged to un n nake a “Fauna Orcadensis,” and a “Flora Orcadensi.s,” ti.e Hrst of which was published in 1813, 4to, from a ms. in the possession of Wilua.ii Eli’ord l.eacb, M D. F. L. S. &c. but the “Flora” iias not been discovered. A tour through the islands of Orkney and Shetland, | Containing hints relating to their ancient, modern, and natural history, was also prepared by Mr. Low for the press, and previous to his decease, he made a translation of Torfeus’s “-History of Orkney.” The Mss. of the “Fauna,” the tour and the translation just mentioned, with his zoological collections, came into the possession of Mr. George Paton, an eminent antiquary of Edinburgh, after whose decease they were purchased by different persons. Mr. Low died in 1795. His “Fauna” forms a very interesting and valuable addition to the natural history of the British islands. 1


Advertisement by Mr. Leach, prefixed to the “Fauna.