Luisinus, Louis

, a physician, probably a relation of the preceding, was also born at Udina, and was not less distinguished by his acquisitions in literature, than by his medical skill. He was author of the following works “Aphorismi Hippocratis hexametro carmine conscripti,Venice, 1552; “De compescendis animi affectibus per moralem philosophiam et medendi artem, Tractatus in tres Libros divisus,” Basle, 1562; “Aphrodisiacus, sive de Lue Venerea, in duos Tomos bipartitus, continens omnia quaecumque hactenus de hac re sunt ab omnibus Medicis conscripta,Venice, 1566, folio. The first volume contained an account of the prinled treatises on the lues up to that year; the second, published the year following, comprehended principally the manuscript works on the subject, which had not then been committed to the press. 3