Meibomius, Henry

, son of the former, was born at Lubeck in 1638; and after laying a proper foundation in literature at home, went in 1655 to the university of Heimstadt, where he applied himself to philosophy and medicine. Afterwards he went to study under the professors at Groningen, Franeker, and Leyden; and upon his return to Germany, projected a larger tour through Italy, France, and England, which he executed; he contracted an acquaintance with the learned wherever he went; and took a doctor of physic’s degree in 1663, as he passed through Angers in France. He was offered a professorship of physic at Heimstadt in 1661: but his travelling scheme did not permit him to take possession of it till 1664. This, and the professorships of history and poetry, joined to it in 1678, he held to the time of his death, which happened in March, 1700. Besides a great number of works relating to his own profession, he published, in 3 vols. folio, in 1688, “Scriptores rerum Germanicarnm,” a very useful collection, which had been begun, but not finished, by his father. 3


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