Molza, Tarquinia

, grand-daughter to the preceding, by Camillo, his eldest son, wa born at Modena in 1542. She was instructed in the classsics, in Hebrew, and in the belles lettres, became an adept in some of the abstruser branches of science, and was a proficient in music; and with all these, was distinguished by the graces and amiable qualities of her sex. She was married, in 1560, to> Paul Porrino, but never had any children; and after his death, in 1578, she passed her life in literary retirement at Modena, where she died in 1617. Her writings, consisting of Latin and Italian poems, translations from Plato, and other classics, were printed in the Bergamo edition of her grandfather’s works. This lady was the subject of numerous eulogies from contemporary writers; but the most extraordinary honour that she received, was that of being presented with the citizenship of Rome, by the senate and people of that city, in a patent reciting her singular merits, and conferring upon her the title of Unica. The honour is extended to the whole noble family of Molza. 2


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