Mombritius, Boninus

, a native of Milan, who flourished in the fifteenth century, obtained considerable reputation for some Latin poems, particularly one on “The Passion,” but his most celebrated work was a collection of the “Lives of the Saints,” not a confused and credulous compilation, but which exceeded all preceding works of the kind, by the pains he took to distinguish truth from fable. This he was enabled to do by a judicious examination of all the existing authorities, | and by availing himself of many Mss. which he discovered in public libraries, and carefully collated. In some instances he has admitted supposed for real facts, but in such a vast collection, a few mistakes of this kind are pardonable, especially as he brought to light much information not before made public. This work, which is of uncommon rarity and great price, is entitled “Sanctuarium, sive vitje Sanctorum,” 2 vols. fol. without date or place, but supposed to have been printed at Milan about 1479. Some copies want the last leaf of signature Nnnn, but even with that defect bear a very high price. 1


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