Nicetas, Surnamed Serron

, deacon of the church of Constantinople, and contemporary with Theophylact in the eleventh century, and afterwards bishop of Heraclea, composed several “Funeral Orations upon the death of Gregory Nazianzen;” as also a “Commentary,” which is inserted in Latin among the works of that father. There is ascribed to him a “Catena upon the Book of Job,” compiled of passages taken from several of the fathers, which was printed by Junius at London, 1637, in folio. We have also, by the same author, several “Catenx upon the Psalms and Canticles,” printed at Basil in 1552. Ttiere is likewise a “Commentary upon the Poems of Gregory Nazianzen,” printed at Venice, under the name of Nicetas of Paphlagonia, which is apparently the same author. 3


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